“She-Devils On Wheels”video48
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Something Weird Video, 1968
83 minutes
Whitehorse Press 800.531.1133

by Tammy Wanchena

Sex, guts, blood, and all men are mothers!”…An all too appropriate credo for this month’s ass whooping horny hog riders, the Man-Eaters. Look out, boys! These crusty biker chicks will screw you in more ways than one. They treat men like Kleenex and won’t let them forget they’re the weaker sex!

Picture a cross between Pia Zadora and Ruth Buzzey and you get “Queen”, leader of the pack. I see Queen as a victim. Not only does Queen have the pressure of staying fit enough to wear skintight leather and keep the gang in check, but she is a prime candidate for cancer and any number of STDs. Queen insists that none of her Man-Eaters fall in love at their Saturday night orgies, and when Karen disobeys she must drag the object of her affections behind her cycle, leaving him a bloody pulp. When antagonist Joe-Boy and his motley crew of thugs invade the girls’ favorite drag strip, war is declared and the girls get an opportunity to prove what they’re made of.

“She-Devils on Wheels” is truly a masterpiece and one of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s most popular films! You may remember the Godfather of Gore from “2,000 Maniacs”, “Blood Feast” and an array of B-movies. With a cast of no-names and “real-life girl bikers” who rarely shower, you will be entertained from start to finish. I encourage everyone to write to any existing drive-ins and request a screening. Saddlebags hold a lot of popcorn.

If you love B-films as I do, this is definitely one to purchase and the Whitehorse Press sells a special edition including the short “Biker Beach Party” and a gallery of H.G. Lewis Exploitation Art. The trailers alone are worth the cost of the video!


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