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Scenario one: You’re riding along, say in your favorite rally or perhaps just on your way to work and you’re really hungry. Time is at a premium and you’re starving. What to do? Pull into the drive-through, flip your chin bar to the back position and eat, drink and be merry. Did I mention that you are wearing your new Roof Boxer helmet? It’s just that simple.

Scenario two: It’s 85 degrees out and you’re hot and sweaty. The traffic light just won’t change. Normally, you just flip the visor of your helmet back to feel that sweet, cool air, but you’re wearing the new Roof Boxer. Flip everything back, go ahead, it won’t bite. Chin bar and visor. You get maximum airflow over your face without sacrificing maximum protection. The light changes and you can quickly re-attach the chin bar in the down position or just ride a few miles with it in the back position to keep cool. It’s two helmets in one. Go from a full face, full protection helmet to a three-quarter helmet in a matter of 2.2 seconds. Then go back to the full face again. It’s the perfect marriage and life is short.

gear57Before I start singing the praises of the Roof Boxer, let’s talk about a couple of things you should know about it. Flip face helmets seem to be a bit noisier than a full-face helmet. Also, all Roof helmets are considered “novelty” helmets in the United States. This is because Roof has been unwilling to send the required number of helmets to the D.O.T. for testing and certification. Rest assured, the Roof Boxer has passed all the European equivalent tests with flying colors.

Now, on the things the Roof does well. The independent face shield/chin bar is what Shoei, Nolen and Schuberth should have done in the first place. Don’t get me wrong; those helmets are great for riding around the gas station. Try one out over 30 M.P.H. You feel like you have a wind sail on your head and still need eye protection. With the Roof, throw the chin bar all the way back and enjoy the feeling of moving smoothly through the wind instead of fighting with it. This is a major improvement. I haven’t even mentioned that the shield stays in place when you move the chinbar back. This means no glasses (unless you need them to see, that is). So go ahead, throw the chin bar back, eat a power bar, drink a Gatorade and keep the wheels turning.

The fit of the Roof Boxer is between the Arai Quantum and the Shoei mold. I’d say it leans more towards the Shoei. This helmet is comfortable to wear all day. Run into the gas station and just flip the chin bar back and you’re able to talk to the clerk without all the “huh’s” and “what’s”, not to mention the blank stares. If you do desire to take off the helmet to show a lovely head of “helmet hair” to impress the ladies, it’s just a click of the seat-belt type buckle and pull the two straps apart. It’s quick, it’s easy. Oh yeah, and the chinstrap doesn’t cut into the Adam’s apple like some do.

Overall, this is the best flip-face helmet I have ever worn. I didn’t just ride around town wearing it. I took it out for a couple of tanks of fuel last weekend. I ate and drank with it on. I didn’t take it off all day, not even once! In fact, my wife had to remind me to take it off for bed. It’s comfortable, functionable, and well built. I am happy to say that the Roof Boxer is everything it says it is!

The Roof Boxer is available from ACS Tek / Roof Helmet USA 1- 877-435-6384



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