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 by Gus Breilandgear66

I need my coffee. I lust for a good cup of java and would go nuts if I could not travel with some form of coffee passenger. About 3 years ago I started riding on a more than regular basis. In fact, I continue to question why there is a vehicle other than motorcycles in my name every year. If it wouldn’t be for those odd little side jobs here and there I would be down to 2 wheels only in a heartbeat. Maybe a sidecar is in order…. but that is an entirely different conversation.

Back to coffee. Black gold. The crap they sling at work is tolerable but every so often I have to have a good cup of joe. Whether it is some frilly drink like a double mocha or a good strong cup of stained water, coffee is an everyday drink for me. But what about my time in the saddle? How am I supposed to carry my lifeblood with me when I am on my preferred mode of transportation?

The answer? Is it buying a K12LT and the $109 BMW cup holder? No! The answer is in a nice compact little thermos, the Nissan Stainless Steel Thermos to be exact. This little lifesaver is direct from the pages of Aerostich to your backpack. This is the best thermos I have used to date. The best! I have the 16 oz version; big enough for 2 cups of coffee, or one large double mocha…. with whip of course. It fits nicely in your backpack, shoulder bag, tank panniers, etc and has never spilled a drop of coffee.

For three years I have been throwing caution to the wind and letting it flop around in my courier bag sloshing and tumbling next to my morning newspaper and executive order memos (milk, eggs, bread, yes dear) without one mishap. No soggy spare gloves, no befouled flat tire repair kits, just good old coffee.

Stolen directly from Aerostich’s write up, Nissan’s tighter manufacturing tolerances and patented vacuum chamber make this little beauty the benchmark in liquid transportation and thermal performance. In temperature terms, 203 degree (F) fluid will be 163 degrees (F) after 6 hours and 116 degrees (F) after 12. Now I haven’t taken the time to test temps personally, but I have left my coffee in captivity for around 6 hours on occasion and found the temperature after that time span to be quite enjoyable.

So you say to yourself “Great Gus, but what does all of this scientific mumbojumbo mean?” For you laymen, it means fill ‘er up with either hot or cold fluids in the morning and it will be damn near perfect by the time you want to stop and take a swig. The thermos features a removable stopper that pours with a quarter turn and a lid that seconds as a cup.

I got mine from Aerostich in Duluth, MN. They come in 16 oz ($27.00), 25.5 oz ($33.00) and 34 oz ($43.00). You can order yours at or give the nice folks a call at 1-800-222-1994. Make sure you buy yourself a collapsible cup too! Why? Because they are cool! However, you would be foolish to not take the opportunity to ride up to Duluth and visit them in person. They will be kind, courteous and damn near wonderful. Tell them Gus sent you. They’ll give you a blank look and ask, “Who’s Gus?”


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