by Gus Breiland
Hell’s Angels Afraid Of Mouse
Of course it is a 6 foot tall mouse, but still. Famed motorcycle gan…club, the Hell’s Angels are suing Walt Disney over claims that their logo and trademarked name have been used in a film script without their permission.

The gan…club says that characters in the movie “Wild Hogs” are identified as members of the gan… club and wear its skull logo. They assert that Disney did not give them a copy of the film’s screenplay, which has yet to start production. A spokesman for the Disney Corporation commented that the legal action is without merit.

Wild Hogs is described as a story about a group of budding motorcyclists who set out on a road trip where they encounter a chapter of the gan…club, Hell’s Angels.

I am sure that the gan…club, Hell’s Angels, is actually sueing due to the casting of John Travolta and Tim Allen rather than a of besmerching their gan…club’s name.

Harley-Davidson Names Dealer in China
Milwaukee, WI (March 23, 2006)—Harley-Davidson today announced the next step in its market entry into mainland China, with the appointment of Beijing Feng Huo Lun (FHL) as the first authorized Harley-Davidson dealer there. Operating as Beijing Harley-Davidson, the dealership will offer Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, related products and after-sales service.
“Harley-Davidson is excited to embark on the journey of selling our motorcycles in China and we are proud to be in Beijing,” said David Foley, Harley-Davidson’s Managing Director in China. “The quality of the Beijing Harley-Davidson dealership experience will be first-class in every respect. Customers will get a real understanding and appreciation of the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.”

“Harley-Davidson has selected one of the most well-established retailers of imported motorcycles in China,” said Foley. “Mr. Wan has more than 10 years’ experience selling and servicing imported heavyweight and premium motorcycles. Moreover, he and his management team are motorcycle enthusiasts who share a passion for riding and who understand the market.”

Harley-Davidson has indicated that it expects market entry into China to be a gradual process. According to the Company, the leisure-oriented market for premium, heavyweight motorcycles is just beginning to emerge in China, with market development limited by ownership and riding restrictions in most large cities and on highways, and by limited but growing disposable income. Harley-Davidson’s long-term strategy in China seeks to address the riding restrictions over time and to help lead the development of a leisure-oriented heavyweight motorcycle market as consumer buying power grows.

Already their customers are calling to see if Harley- Davidson China will be using any of those cheap American parts and accessories.

Motorcycle Stolen in 1971 Found
A motorcycle stolen from Southern California in 1971 is headed back to its original owner. The 1970 Yamaha motorcycle has less than 10,000 miles on its odometer. It was about to be shipped overseas to a Finnish man who bought it for a little more than $1,700 on eBay.

Authorities said the vehicle identification number turned up in the database of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Long Beach police tracked down Phillip McKeen, who resides in New England now. Neither the buyer, nor the seller, is suspected of a crime.

Made in the USA Grand Tour and Other AMA Sponsored Events
With the start of a new riding season the AMA has announced it’s new Grand Tour, the “Made in the USA” Grand Tour along all of the seasons other events at This year’s reason to ride is based on America’s rich history in motorcycle manufacturing with a ride that honors the once hundreds of U.S. motorcycle manufacturers.

Come on out and ride the 2006 AMA “Made in the USA” Grand Tour. Just visit some of the hundreds of towns and cities across the country that share names of current or former U.S. motorcycle manufacturers, snap a photo of your bike at each one, and get in the drawing for prizes. It’s that simple.

Unlike other organized road riding events, AMA Grand Tours can be completed at your own pace, on your own schedule. Plus, you’ll get to visit some places you might otherwise never see, such as Excelsior, Arkansas, or Buell, Oregon, or Victory, New York. Even places that have a manufacturer’s name as part of a longer name; Hendersonville, for example—are accepted.

The “Made in the USA” Grand Tour runs April 1 through November 30. The entry fee is $15 for a solo rider and $18 for two-up riders for AMA members, and $17 solo and $20 two-up for non-members. To enter, head on over to the AMA’s web site and download their entry form under Road Riding. Mail it in with your entry fee and start riding. Don’t forget your camera. See you on the road.

Riders Needed
The Lifetime Fitness Triathlon and MMM need you and your motorcycle this July 15th. For those not familiar with the Lifetime Triathlon, it is a nationally televised race that attracts top triathletes from around the world. 25 volunteer riders are needed to help with transportation of race officials during the bicycling portion of the triathlon.

Riders will act as escorts for the race marshals who monitor the race to help keep it fair and safe. As an escort, you will have a race marshal assigned to you and will be responsible for taking them around the race course. Riders may also be dispatched to various spots along the course to transport officials as needed. The course is laid out on the parkways and scenic roads around South Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is closed to all motorized traffic except yours. Requirements for volunteers include availability on the morning of July 15th from 8am till around noon, and once before the race date to pre-ride the course. You must be comfortable with carrying a passenger on a complex course and be able to maneuver around various obstacles. Larger touring, sport-touring and cruiser motorcycles are preferred for the comfort of you and the race marshal. Quiet exhaust is a must, as the race is televised and loud exhaust disrupts the TV audio crews.

Interested riders should email MMM at with the following information: Your name, email address, Phone, T-shirt size and Type of motorcycle. Or call the MMM office at 763.315.5396.


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