Get Fitter…Ride Betterbook84
by Betsy Schipani
95 pages
Heritage Health & Fitness, (2005)


by Sev Pearman

Last month’s book focused on your mind. This month we concentrate on improving your body. Get Fitter…Ride Better is a comprehensive plan to tone your body and improve your riding.

Author Betsy Schipani has created a program that will make you a better rider. Her experience combines over twenty years in the fitness industry with an “irrepressible passion for motorcycles.” She has developed a whole-body program with specific exercises to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. There is also a section that covers body composition. Get Fitter… is written in plain English in a fun and motivating style. Even if you never set foot in a gym you will be able to follow along.

The author includes three excellent appendices. The first one illustrates simple strength training exercises that you can do at home with simple hand weights. Each exercise is explained with written descriptions and line figure drawings. The second appendix offers additional exercises for flexibility training. MMM would prefer photographs of actual humans to explain the exercises but we are nit-picking.

The third appendix is the most useful. It is a detailed twelve-week workout log. Each week is broken down into separate days and your expectations and goals are listed for each day. In just three months you will lose fat, increase muscle mass, increase flexibility and have more energy. You will be able to ride longer safer and have more energy at the end of your rides. What could be wrong with that?

MMM recommends Get Fitter…Ride Better. We give it three-out-of-four cylinders. We only wish for better pictures. Whether you seek increased muscle tone for this season or improved health and strength for the long-term, this is an excellent resource.

Couch Potato—Unintimidating tool for stronger riding.

Power Walker—Dial in your cardio regime.

Marathoner—Thanks for the tip, I’ve only got another 18 miles to go.


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