by Victor Wanchena

This July Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly will celebrate a full ten years in publication. Ten years is quite the milestone for a collection of hacks like us that somehow managed to keep the publication alive despite our best efforts to do otherwise. Over those years we had some real highs and definite lows. What has been collected here are some of the more infamous moments in the life of MMM.

1. July 1996 MMM #1 hits the stands. It almost doesn’t when one staffer crashes the first demo bike. Is this sign of things to come?

2. Cycle World gets the first production Victory motorcycle and heads for the nearest dyno. Our deep cover moles hand us the dyno sheet before the CW boys are out of the state. We run the story months ahead of any one else. It may have been our last scoop.

3. One former staffer is involved in a high-speed chase with local law enforcement. His pleas to readers for bail money went unanswered, but his use of safety gear during the commission of a felony was commended.

4. In issue #27 MMM runs a picture of Erik Buell with the caption “I left and the place went to hell.” in regards to the numerous recalls his company had seen that year. The resulting hate mail and calls from Buell corporate do confirm we aren’t just found under leaking bikes.

5. At one of the many wild MMM blowouts an unnamed editor attempts to climb over a large rock with a trials bike. He crashes in front of many spectators and puts tire tracks up the side of the house. Plenty of great tasting Schell’s beer is thought to be at fault.

6. A friend of a friend poses for the cover shot on issue #39. His attempts to flex an impressive bicep for the cover shot fail. He resorts to pushing his arm from behind to make it look bigger. No dates result from his celebrity status.

7. Tale of Two Rookies co-writer Jason Bishop is taken out during a race and ultimately loses the tip of one finger due to the crash. His dedication is noted but doesn’t result in a pay increase.

8. For our annual April Fools MMM announces that BMW and Harley-Davidson were going to merge. Puzzled readers called and asked why this wasn’t bigger news.

9. A former motorcycle entrepreneur comes to MMM looking for a job after the decline of his venture. His first assignment is to write why his company failed. He declines and is let go.

10. MMM interviews Evel Knievel who tells us that a man from China is going to make a bomb so powerful it will split the earth in half. He claimed not to be on any pain medication at the time. We wished we were.

Here’s to another ten years.


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