Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Sony Pictures (2004)
132 minutes

by Susan Starr and Kevin Kocur

Susan sez:
“Hellboy” is a typical movie version of a comic book. It has evil Nazis who want to take over the world, lots of strange supernatural happenings and a hero with superpowers. The evil Nazis want to use a supernatural gateway to help them win World War II. They’ve enlisted the help of Rasputin (yes, that Rasputin) and his girlfriend Ilsa.

The hero is Hellboy (Ron Perlman), a demon the good guys rescue when they destroy the Nazi lab. Hellboy is a bright red demon with a giant right hand. He’s superstrong, fireproof, sarcastic and kind of depressed. He also has a heart of gold; he saves a bunch of kittens at one point. Sixty years after WWII, Hellboy, along with the super-smart aquatic creature Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), and firestarter Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), fight evil for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense alongside federal agents and under the watch of Professor Bruttenholm (John Hurt).

Ok, it’s not a motorcycle movie, although the FBI agent John Meyers (Rupert Evans) rides a cool scooter. It is a fun movie with engaging characters. The sets are very cool, especially a giant mausoleum filled with all sorts of gear driven machinery. Hellboy’s moping and ass kicking is very entertaining. Ron Perlman is perfect in the role. Abe Sapien is very sweet. Liz Sherman is annoying, but maybe that is because I’ve always disliked Selma Blair. There is also Rasputin’s evil minion, Kroenen. Kroenen is so obsessed with odd surgeries that he barely looks human. His weapons of choice are blades that seem to be attached to his arms. You gotta love a villain with blades attached to his arms.

The plot is something about the bad guys wanting to turn the moon into giant space octopi. Ok, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I really enjoyed the movie and look forward to a sequel scheduled for next year. Hopefully the sequel will have more motorcycles in it.

Kevin Sez:
What’s red, stands 6 foot 5, has a thing for cats and Baby Ruth candy bars, and has to be secretly transported around New York in a garbage truck? For the three or four of you out there that haven’t figured this out yet: it’s the title character of this movie.

“Hellboy” kicks ass with great special effects, superb casting and brilliant writing. Based on a character created by Mike Mignola. He’s broody and a bit of a smartass, which makes him easily likeable in my eyes. But even though he was spawned in the depths of Hell, he has very human qualities. Case in point: there’s a great scene of him sharing milk and cookies with a boy, all the while lamenting about his dismal love life.

Even with all the great casting, none of the actors can hold a candle to the real star of the film—the beautiful blue and white Cezeta scooter. Sadly, the Cezeta doesn’t make enough appearances in the film as I would like, but she’s still steals every scene that she’s in. (sorry, Selma). So where’s the scooter now? The producers gave it to actor Rupert Evans. Some guys have all the luck!


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