by Gus Breiland

I am getting old. I dislike lying on my garage floor, kneeling on my garage floor and in general, being anywhere near my garage floor.

Enter the Kendon Fold Up Stand Up Cruiser Lift. I have limited space in my garage. It is a small, south Minneapolis hut that holds all of my homeowner necessities like wood that will never be used, fluid bottles and oil filters for cars I no longer own, and lawn care equipment for the grass I would have if I watered and fertilized. And on top of all that, it stores my scooters and motorcycles. As I said, limited space.

Looking around at the lifts available, there are many, heavy platform styles that occupy quite a bit of real estate. Some from questionable origins, and others that are just plain money wasters. Not to mention those weird mini jacks that precariously balance your bike in the air waiting for you to try to take off the drain plug and spin the bike right off its perch.

The Kendon Fold Up Stand Up Cruiser Lift, however, is perfect for my predicament. The Kendon has three working positions: 23inches, 28 inches, and 32 inches. The lift comes with a ramp to load the bike, an air over oil piston; actuated by an air compressor, or an integral hand lever. The hand lever allows you to raise the lift completely without a compressor or to lift it off of the brace when locked in one of the 3 working positions.

The lift has 2 tubes running down the length of it acting as wheel guides that lead the front time to a wheel chock. This will support the bike long enough to secure it with straps to 4 corner loops. The chock should not be used as the lone bike support. Because of the assembly of the scissor mechanism, the deck of the lift slides forward as you raise the lift. This in turn shortens the distance from the axle to the strap position, requiring adjustment on the way up and down. This was really the only oddity of the lift. Not a terrible thing but something you need to watch as you are raising and lowering the lift.

Accessories include 2 different sizes of stainless steel work shelves; 18 inches for $59.97 and a 36-inch tray for $79.97. I bought one of the 36 inch trays, which is excellent for spreading out your tools, splaying motor parts in order of removal, and listening to miscellaneous nuts, bolts, parts and wrenches fall to the floor as you try to whack loose a stuck bolt. Incentive to buy a magnetic tray or two, I guess.

gear102bKendon also makes an Oil Drain Pan for $59.97 that fits within the 2 rails that run the length of the lift. And a Frame Jack for $139.97 that supports the frame of your bike, allowing you to remove the tail section of the lift to work on the rear wheel and suspension.

But the absolute best feature of this lift is a specialty of Kendon. Known for their folding trailers that tuck away in the back of the garage, the Cruiser Lift stands in the corner once you fold the tail section up. With the pump handle removed, the lift stands 73 inches tall, 28 inches wide and 17 inches deep. An excellent answer to space limited garages and shop space. The Kendon lift also make cleaning of your shop floor easier, as it is only 140 pounds with handles and rollers that allow you to maneuver the lift out of the way. In fact the only issue I had with the lift was the shipment method. Be sure to watch the condition of the shipping crate and do not sign for it if the crate looks damaged. Otherwise you are stuck with a dented lift. Another option is to go to their website and find a local dealer .

The Kendon Cruiser Lift (for up to a 90 inch long bike) is $649.97 + destination charges (California to Minnesota was $110). They also make a smaller version for Sport Bikes (for up to a 77 inch long bike) that runs $629.97 + destination and a longer lift for Choppers (for up to a 115 inch long bike) for $699.97 + destination. If you are short on space but tired of lying on the floor to change your oil, get yourself the right tool for the job. Get yourself a Kendon Fold Up Stand Up Lift.


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