by Kevin Kocur

Fly Scooters closes shop
Not Breaking News, but I hadn’t mentioned it in previous columns. In late October, Fly announced it was shutting down, due to poor sales. If only they could have made it ‘til Spring.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!
Scooter racing is back for another season, as confirmed by a recent Two Wheels And A Motor podcast ( Expect an exciting three race season this year and old rivalries are renewed. Is this the year that MMM finally fields an entry? One never knows…
Speaking of scooter racing, I’ve heard, through the rumor mill, that there may be a scooter racing class coming soon. If so, I plan to be there with a full set of racing leathers and a fresh set of Zippys.

No more Bones a’ Rattlin’
It is with great sadness that I announce that Rattle My Bones IV was to be the last. After four great years, rally organizers are stepping down. However, they still remain optimistic that someone will take the reins and we’ll have a new Twin Cities scooter rally in 2011.

Can’t blame Godzilla
As of this writing, both Honda and Suzuki have suspended production at several of their plants, mostly due to rolling black outs following the tragic events of March 11th. No word yet on how these shutdowns will effect scooter production or parts exports.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the long anticipated four-stroke Stella should be hitting the showroom floors. It’s been a long time coming, folks.

One Genuine scooter you won’t be seeing this year, however, is the rumored classic cruiser large-platform scooter. No word yet whether this classically-styled scooter (think Zundapp or Heinkel) will ever get past the design stage. Maybe

SYM is back (sorta)
Back in issue #124, we reported about the demise the Carter Brother’s warehouse, importer for SYM, and demise of that brand in the U.S.

Recently, a letter was released by Alliance Powersports Inc, sister company to Lance Powersports, stating that they will be the new U.S. West Coast distributor for SYM. No word yest on the East Coast, but it’s a good start. While SYM’s web site has remained unchanged since last Spring, Alliance plans to have a new web site up and running by July.

Scooter sales expected to soar (again)
With gas pushing $4 a gallon, and expecting to rise to $5, it’s no shock that dealers are seeing more foot traffic in their showrooms. Even this year’s craptastic Spring hasn’t hampered potential scooter owners from shopping.

Important Safety Tips
Outside, it’s 35 degrees as I type this. Hopfully, it’s much warmer when you read this. We had a late winter and many of you haven’t gotten your scoots out of storage, but now it’s time. Please remember two things:

1. Drivers haven’t seen many two-wheelers on the road and forget to “look” for them (like they really need to be reminded).

2. As a result of The Winter That Would Not End, many of the streets have an unusually higher amount of sand on them. Be extra careful on corners and when stopping at intersections. Those of us on ten-inch tires need to be even more cautious, as they tend to be even less forgiving. And don’t get me started on potholes…


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