by Bruce Mike

I’m writing this a couple of days after an eight inch snowfall. This is our May issue. Last year at this time I had been riding regularly for a couple of months. I had mowed my lawn three times and our softball team had practiced at least twice. I have to say, this has been the most miserable winter I can remember. I’m sure last year’s ridiculously warm winter has affected my opinion of this one. Okay, that’s it for my weather rant.

My new used bike will be here in a couple of days. It’s a BMW R1200R. This is my first BMW and I’m pretty excited about it. I rode one at the Factory Demo Ride at Moon Motorsports last year and I really liked it. It makes plenty of power, has a good ridng position and it ran twisties really well. I need to add bags and I’ll be ready to go.

The reason for my wait to get it, is because I bought it on ebay. I’ve bought and sold lots of stuff on ebay but this was by far my biggest-ticket-item yet. I purchased the bike from MAX BMW in Troy, New York which is why shipping was required. I was a little apprehensive about sending what I considered a large chunk of cash for something I only saw photos of.  I had been looking at bikes these guys were selling for the past year and I did some research on them so I was fairly confident it would be okay.

Normally I would buy my bike locally because that kind of thing is pretty important to me. I’m also not a very patient person and I couldn’t find one at a price I considered a good deal. Patience not being one of my virtues probably had more to do with my ebay purchase than the price because after the shipping costs my good deal became a reasonable one. Then waiting ten days for it to show up at my house became even more of a test in patience.

Here is where this miserable winter has worked in my favor. It has allowed me the time to purchase bags for my incoming bike, which I got locally from Crosstown Cycle. It’s given me the extra time I needed to get my chopper road-ready for the upcoming Vintage Torque Fest in Dubuque Iowa. I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t snowing every couple of days I would have pulled out what little hair I have left wishing my bike was here and/or booking a flight to New York so I could ride it home. This would have cost me the money I spent on the bags and the time I’ve been able to put into the chopper. The end result being no bike for Torque Fest and no way of carrying stuff on my new bike. This is my way of putting a positive spin on our fabulous weather.

If you’re wondering what Vintage Torque Fest is you can check it out at It’s in Dubuque Iowa May 3-5. They call themselves The Only Traditional Hot Rod, Custom, Vintage Cycle Show in Iowa. This is not a typical car show. There are three stages of music, art show, swap meet, vendors, indoor theater, and a dirt track with different exhibitions to get everyone on their feet and moving around. It kicks-off Thursday evening with an open-header parade and the actual show starts Friday at noon. There is a pin-up girl contest, vintage stock car racing, vintage flat-track motorcycle racing, chain racing, drag racing and a flame-throwing motorcycles and cars exhibition. How could any of this not be fun?

What I’m hoping for at this point is that summer happens to fall on the weekend of May 3-5 this year. I don’t think that’s asking for too much.


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