Purple Heart Plate Approved

The Minnesota House in April unanimously approved a motorcycle license plate for veterans wounded in combat.

The bill was inspired by a Mankato Iraq veteran, Jason McNamara, who had the plate for a pickup truck but learned it wasn’t available for his motorcycle.

The Senate version of the bill also passed through a finance committee. It was in a finance committee because the state has to budget a nominal cost, $1,000, in case proceeds don’t recoup the cost of designing and making the plates.

McNamara told the Pioneer Press he believes the plate will catch on quickly once a motorcycle rolls up to a VFW. “I don’t think it’ll take too long for them to make that $1,000,” he said.


R.I.P. Allen Burke

Eight-time Minnesota State Dirt Track Champion and two-time National Short Track Champion, Allen C. Burke, 80, of Richfield, passed away on March 25 at his home.

Burke served in the U.S. Navy, was a Golden Gloves Boxer through the 50s, raced motorcycles until 1963, and worked as a St. Louis Park police officer and detective – riding as a motorcycle officer while on traffic division upon his retirement in 1976.

Burke was inducted into the National Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1996, where they knew him as “Old 91.”


MSF Updates Basic Rider Course

Taking the MSF Basic Rider Course this year? You’ll likely get a bit more bang for your buck with the addition of a required e-course, modified skills practice and a new, expanded handbook.

One of the major revisions to the BRC is the inclusion of the MSF Basic eCourse, which students take prior to attending the in-person classroom instruction. It was previously recommended, but now required.

Additionally, the riding portion of the BRC was modified to provide 20% more time on basic motor skills, 30% more time on cornering maneuvers and emergency responses, and 30% more time on traffic-type interactions, although overall riding times remain similar to the former curriculum.

Finally, the course textbook, the “Basic RiderCourse Rider Handbook,” now is printed in color and has grown to 76 pages with 16 chapters, 175 study questions, 50% more content on cornering, 30% more on escape paths, and 20% more on self-assessment.


Heinen Teams With Smile Network

Heinen Motorsports has teamed with Smile Network International, offering to match your donation to the Minnesota-based non-profit during your next purchase.

Smile Network provides life altering reconstructive surgeries and healthcare services to impoverished children in developing counties. You may have heard the slogan: Together, we can change lives one smile at a time!

Heinen is located in Osseo. The dealer stocks two-wheelers from Yamaha, Suzuki, MV Agusta, Husqvarna and KYMCO.


Motoprimo, Road Closed Partner

Motoprimo has partnered with Road Closed Productions to become the track day offering’s official dealer sponsor.

Road Closed plans 12 events split between Brainerd International Raceway (BIR) and Dakota County Technical College (DCTC). Motoprimo will be on location trackside at each event to offer parts, accessories and riding apparel. Plans also call for the dealer to promote its various motorcycle brands, including Ducati, Honda, Triumph and Yamaha.

Motoprimo is located in Lakeville.


SSB’s 2014 Kickoff Event

Simply Street Bike’s 2014 Season Kickoff Event is scheduled to take place June 1 at DCTC.

Offerings include a stunt show by Kyle Sliger, Shelby Moore and Joe Tobolick, a Try-the-Track session with Zalusky Advanced Riding School, a dyno trailer, prize offerings, food trucks, pit bike shenanigans, and two huge semi trucks hawking gear from distributors Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky.

Simply Street Bikes is located in Eden Prairie and specializes in pre-owned motorcycles. Visit SimplyStreetBikes.com to learn more.


Plan a Trip With Victory’s App

Designed for Apple and Android products, the Victory Rides Mobile App allows you to track, plan and organize your ride; view your location, road maps and weather conditions; and search for gas, food, lodging and more.

You don’t even have to ride a Victory to benefit. Just visit VictoryMotorcycles.com and follow the prompts to the download page.


For Shame

Autumn B. Mason, 26, of Vadnais Heights, was sentenced in April to four years in prison for a hit-and-run that killed 92-year-old motorcyclist Roy Kromschroeder in September 2013.

According to the complaint: A witness said it appeared as if Mason and Kromschroeder arrived at an intersection at the same time and each waited for the other to go first. Then, as Kromschroeder began to ride through the intersection, Mason sped through at the same time. Another witness said Mason exited her Dodge Durango to check on Kromschroeder before she drove away. Kromschroeder’s helmet flew off in the crash. Mason’s front license plate was also dislodged. It was found on top of Kromschroeder’s motorcycle.



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  1. Although your news item correctly indicated that the MSF Basic Rider curriculum has changed, Minnesota will not be adopting the new course for at least two years. It won’t do so until then for two major reasons: 1) RiderCoaches have not yet been trained in the new curriculum, and 2) there needs to be a change in Minnesota DPS rules before the new course materials can be used.

    That’s because only the current MSF curriculum has been approved by the DPS, and they will need to look over the new changes and determine whether to accept the new course as a way for riders to get their motorcycle endorsement.

    MSF-certified RiderCoaches (and I’m one of them) received these new materials earlier this year, and in my opinion, they are very good, and a nice improvement over the old curriculum. So, I’m sure the DPS will approve these new revisions to the Basic Rider Course, but these things do take time, you know.

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