156_MondoSaharaMondo Sahara
Dirtpunk Video (2012)

By Victor Wanchena

The Sahara Desert is one the largest deserts in the world. Home to only a small population of hardy souls, it is not a typical motorcycling destination. There are a few roads and no services. This month’s video is about a trek into the heart of the Sahara by a group daring riders. Called Mondo Sahara, the video chronicles a ride organized by Austin Vince of Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa fame (MMM #103 and #111).

In keeping with Austin’s low dollar do-it-yourself ethic, Mondo Sahara isn’t a highly produced, heavily supported rolling caravan of support vehicles and camera dollies. Instead, it is shot simply from the point of view of riders taking a big ride. Austin clearly states up front he wants to show how this type of riding is well within the grasp of those willing to give it a try. We couldn’t agree more. Go light, go fast, stay anywhere.

The riding team is made up of a mix of seven riders from the UK and US. One of the UK riders is Gabe Bolton. Astute MMM readers will remember him as one of the Round-the-World riders we met while riding the Trans-America Trail. Gabe’s mechanical prowess and adventure touring experience proves invaluable for the Mondo Sahara team. 

The after introductions, the video follows the groups as they prepare and depart from the UK. The weather is wet and cold as the group works south through Spain. Morocco brings a welcome reprieve from the rain, and begins the desert ride south into Sahara. In Mauritania, they turn inland into the truly remote portion of the trip. They ingeniously overcome the lack of services in the interior by arranging for caches of food, water, and fuel to be buried along the route.  

The scenery is stunning and riding is an adventure riders dream. The trip is not without its problems. They experience mechanical problems, routing woes, and the logistical hassle of moving a large group through the desert. 

It was a wonderful video that thoroughly entertains. It isn’t a how manual, more inspirational as it had me reaching for an atlas planning my next off-road trip. One note, the video is currently only available in European PAL video format, which doesn’t play on all DVD players. It will play in most computers, which is how I watched my copy. 

Mondo Sahara is available through zenoverland.com


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