Big Barn

By Bruce Mike
When I go on a motorcycle ride I like to have a destination. I never have a strict itinerary, just a place I’d like to end up. I know this isn’t necessary with a lot of people, my wife included, but it’s pretty important for me. I think it has something to do with my need for a routine in my everyday life. I’m not so rigid that things have to be this way, I’m just more comfortable with a plan. I also know that in some situations, being uncomfortable can be a good thing.

On the first weekend of April every year, Moon Motorsports has an open house. There are demo rides and a huge sale. Sometimes the weather is great for a ride, sometimes it’s not. This year the weather was perfect and me, my wife and a few friends rode up. The plan was to go to Moon so my friend Rick could ride a BMW K 1600 GTL. He’s not planning on buying one but he’s renting one in Europe this summer and he wanted to see what they are like. The rest of the ride plan included checking out a barn that Rick is building and then a long ride home on the back roads.

Rick has been a contractor/carpenter pretty much his whole life and sometimes he builds some pretty interesting stuff. This barn outside of Monticello is really cool. It’s over 20,000 square feet and is designed to look like it’s a hundred years old. It’s a completely custom build with a lot of reclaimed materials from all over the country. I had seen pictures but seeing it in person really put it into perspective.

The barn is part of the Veit Automotive Foundation and when finished will be filled with collectible cars, trucks, motorcycles and maybe even a few boats. Also in the Veit collection you’ll find probably every collectible gas pump ever made as well as a ton of other automotive memorabilia. For an online tour and updates on what’s going on go to

After Rick’s tour of the biggest barn I’ve ever been in, we ran into Vaughn Veit who just happened to be at the property to load up a car for a car show..He was kind enough to give us a private tour of his buildings and told some great stories about nearly every automotive item we saw. I love it when people have a real passion for their stuff. I’ve got stories for every motorcycle I’ve ever owned and it doesn’t take much to get me telling them.

Needless to say, after the private tour we had pretty much run out of time for a long ride home. While my ride that day didn’t quite go as planned it was still an interesting ride. Normally I find the journey to always be the best part but sometimes the destination wins. Being on a motorcycle was the only reason I saw this amazing automotive collection. I never would have drove my truck up to see the barn Rick was building just as I would never jump in the truck and head to the Delta Diner in Wisconsin just for pie. On a motorcycle, both trips make sense.


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