book39Sportbiking: “The Real World”

By Gary Jaehne

91 pages $15.00

Brentwood Christian Press

Copyright 1998

by Kyle Ohnstad

There are books that teach you how to ride and there are book that teach you how to race. Unfortunately, most of us need something that’s right in the middle of both, and until now that was hard to find.

I have been riding motorcycles, mostly cruisers, for the better part of 12 years and I never really thought I needed any help. That is until I bought my first sportbike last year. So there I was, on a mission to find the right book to help me learn what I was lacking, an ability to ride aggressively. I ended up purchasing a couple of books which were long, hard to understand and way to complicated for what I was trying to learn. Then I found Sportbiking: “The Real World”.

The author, Gary Jaehne has been riding motorcycles for 15 years and roadracing in club and limited national level (WERA, AMA) for the past 8 years. Gary is also a motorcycle safety instructor for dP Safety School out of California. With all this under his belt he has gained prime knowledge which helps translate the principles and ideas behind road racing to what most of us do every day “real world riding”. He effectively explains cornering, braking, weight transfer and has a large portion of the book devoted to rain riding. Gary includes some of his own actual riding experience to help the reader understand and visualize the described situations.

All in all for 15 bucks you get a lot of information in a short 91 page, easy to read and understand book. And to top it off it’s a great stepping stone for the other racing oriented books I purchased.


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