Black Bikers from Hell


 by Tammy Vrieze

Black bikers from Hell. Or as the politically correct would say, African-American motorcyclists ascended from the depths of the Netherworld. The bad ass biker stereotyping has extended to people of color in yet another dramatic tale of gang fighting, drugs, orgies and trouble with the fuzz.

Chainer is the leader of Satan’s Servants, an all white biker gang, while the Black Bikers from Hell are led by Knifer. When a new pledge to the Black Bikers from Hell tries to impress Knifer by challenging Chainer to a face-off, Chainer wants no part of it. The Blacks and the Whites have always respected each other’s territories and Chainer is too cool to be a racist. The high action of this opening sequence climaxes when the pledge attempts to jump a gorge through the magic of still frame photography and dies a poetic death. Taking advantage of the pledge’s melodramatic death the local police, who seem to have stolen their squad car from their dad’s garage, to pit the gangs against each other and the war is on.

The first half-hour of the film had me rolling on the floor, guffawing heavily. I laughed so loudly the rest of the household came and glued themselves to the screen. Sadly, the fun didn’t last. It started to reek typical by the end and left me with too many questions. Why did the Satan’s Servants pet cougar turn on them? Is Frenchie supposed to be an effeminate pirate or a biker? Where did the baby come from? Fortunately the first half-hour of this movie makes it well worth the rental cause.

The back cover of the movie case claimed this was one of the all-time top box office hits (maybe in Estonia) and that it contains one of the bloodiest fights scenes ever filmed (once again maybe in Estonia). Black Bikers from Hell starred Des Roberts, Linda Jackson and John King III. I never heard of any of them either.


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  1. Is this a re-make of the 1970s The Black Angels/Black Bikers From Hell? Cus the cover looks modern…

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