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by Tony Marx

September 11thnews46b
In an effort to help the victims and families affected by the attacks on September 11th Harley Davidson has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross and the use of 30 police motorcycles to replace the squad cars and motorcycles destroyed in New York that day. “We know that a number of law enforcement officers lost their lives coming to the aid of those involved in the tragedy and some of those were Motor Officers,” said Jim McCaslin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “Harley-Davidson has been producing police motorcycles since 1908 and we have a very strong bond with that group. Our hearts go out to all victims of the disaster, especially those within the law enforcement community. While we can never get back what has been lost, we’re hopeful that the police motorcycles will help law enforcement and Port Authority representatives move around the city and the devastated area with greater ease and convenience.” Jeremy McGrath designed and sold an exclusive souvenir T-shirt which was only sold at this years THQ U.S. Open in Las Vegas and wonder kid Travis Pastrana raffled off his helmet after the event for $10 a shot and also donated $5000 of his own change to the Clear Relief Fund. Clear Channel Entertainment (formerly SFX) announced last month that their relief fund exceeded $5,000,000.

Da Bike Shownews46a
Snelling Avenue was again coated with an inch of soft rubber as Roy’s Repair hosted its 11th annual open house went off without a hitch. There were the usual number of close calls, dropped bikes and dramatic get offs as Roy’s rookies and Roy’s regulars all roosted for the huge crowd. Memorable moments included an unobservant spectator getting clipped (but not hurt) after wandering into the path of a wheeling R1, a pizza guy sprinting across the street frantically trying to avoid the same R1, some guy with a fresh case of road rash on his face picking his turbo Kawasaki out of the crowd, and about a dozen dumped stoppies. Videos of this insane event will be available later this fall at Roy’s.

Motor Oil Cafe
Well, it’s official. The Motor Oil cafe is closed for good. Since Trackstar disappeared it had become apparent that the cafe could not exist without the dealership there to help anchor the complex as the cities prime motorcycle hangout. The cafe was constantly evolving owners Rick & Mark hosted a farewell party a few Fridays back and though the Speedvision was still on and the food & drink were plenty, at times it felt more like a wake, as those who cared drifted in and out to take one last look around. That evening Rick, who doesn’t even drink coffee, was heard saying, “I just wanted to have a cool place for everyone to hang around.” Judging by people’s reaction to the recent string of events he succeeded. Even though new joints will surely pop up (there are rumors of a new place going in on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis) his coffee shop will be missed.

Moment of Silence
On Saturday September 15th CRA rider #154, Tyson Berger was involved in a racing accident that took his life. Tyson was struck by another rider after crashing his SV650 between turns 1-2 at Brainerd International Raceway in the super twins class. Everyone at MMM would like to express our sorrow over the incident and offer our condolences to his many friends and loving family.

Travel Tips
Did you know that Oregon and New Jersey prohibit self-serve gas pumps? Well, effective January 2002 motorcycles will be the only class of vehicle allowed to actually fill their own tank in Oregon thanks to a bill signed last June by Governor John Kitzhaber. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry vetoed legislation that would have made Texas the second state to make it illegal to discriminate against motorcycle riders after Minnesota passed the nation’s first biker equal access law in 1998.

BMW Streetcarvernews46c
If carving the perfect turn on pavement is your thing but you can’t afford the latest version of the GSZXR1, you could always look into BMW’s new skateboard. Yes, I did say skateboard. With a tagline reading “5 series technology at your feet” the Streetcarver has a wood and fiberglass sandwich deck like that used in snowboards and an innovative aluminum steering mechanism on the front and rear to ensure excellent stability and road holding, It measures almost 3 feet long, 6 inches high, and cost around $500.

Cycle Show
Toyota Trucks will bring the Cycle World International Motorcycle show into town January 11th through the 13th. Yes, that’s way earlier than last year and yes, it will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center again.


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