by Dan Hartman

When I got up today it was cold outside. Fall is in the air. Fear overtakes me, as I think of the winter ahead, and sadness… The riding season is coming to an end. Oh my God, it can’t be over yet. I have many more miles to ride before winter sets in.

I hate to think of my motorcycle getting cold in the garage. Maybe this year I’ll move it into my living room, where I can keep it warm. Better than that, I’ll head south before the snow and cold and live there until spring. Oh, I wish I could. Everyone who rides and lives in Minnesota wishes they were south of the snow line for the winter. It’s natural to want a longer riding season.

I also have the same feelings for the newspaper. In the winter M.M.M. only comes out three times, not every month like in the summer. I’ll miss the many exciting things that have happened over the summer: The Minnesota 1000, races at Brainerd, the Black Hills/Sturgis rally and The Minnesota Mile. (Just to name a few.)

The Excelsior-Henderson Minnesota Mile was held September 13, and it was the first Grand National race in Minnesota since 1959. It was a great day at Canterbury Park with exciting racing officiated by the AMA. I rode my motorcycle out there as did many other riders. The parking lot was filled with thousands of bikes.

The sky was overcast, but everyone’s mood was sunny. M.M.M. was there handing out newspapers to the spectators. We were there all day talking to old friends and meeting new ones. It seemed like we waited forever for the races in the evening, but the anticipation was worth it. Flat track racing is great entertainment. The bikes slide around the corners then straighten up to 130 mph on the straight-aways. My hat’s off to Durelle Racing Promotions, Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Company and Subway for sponsoring the event. They put on a fine show.

I must say it’s been a great year for motorcycling in Minnesota. M.M.M. is proud to have been a part of it. Motorcycling in Minnesota seems to be getting bigger all the time. I only wish the season could be longer with more to do, more to report and more to ride.

I just got a call from the friends who went to Sturgis with me. They are planning a trip along the river to look at fall colors in October — a weekend ride. What the heck. It will be fun. The riding season isn’t over yet, not until there’s snow on the ground. Someday I will escape this weather and head south. People will wonder where I am. All they will know is that I’m somewhere south of the snow line, riding the winter away.

Ride safe and be free.



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