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Minnesota Motorcycles

by Scott Friel

Minnesota is a hotbed of custom motorcycle fabrication. The quality and quantity of customs built here is equaled in very few places. With “Local Customs”, M.M.M. will present one of these machines each and every issue. There is no better way to kick off the new column than by presenting the latest creation of local hero and Motorcycle Hall of Famer, Donnie Smith.tangelo_b

Donnie’s bikes have been setting the trend in motorcycle fabrication for over thirty years. He is still developing the styles that will be copied by customizers the world over for years to come. The just completed bike featured here may be his best work yet.tangelo_c



Builder: Donnie Smith

Owner: Some lucky Arizonan

Estimated Price: Excess of $50,000.00

Color: Tangelo

Motor: By Don Tima at Donnie Smith

Custom Cycle


80 cubic inches

Evolution/STD Panhead

S&S lowers & cases

Dual plugs/single fire ignition

Tranny: Open belt Rev Tech


Frame: Daytec

Front End: H-D Springer

Dual disc brakes

Wheels & Brakes: PM


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