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 by Gus Breiland

It was a cold dark stormy morning as I looked out of the window and pondered my fate. Was I to don my riding gear and enjoy Mother Nature’s shower or was I to join the rest of the world in driving to my final destination, work. Being the resident Gear Tester means always having an excuse to ride. Not only do I have stuff for most weather and situations, but an excuse to ride at any time of the year to “test” product. At MMM, we don’t just reword the press release to tell you the muffler bearings are the best, we use and abuse them and let you know why they are the best…unless the deadline for articles is past, and then we lie through our teeth.

On this particular morning I was staring at the wall of rain and thinking of reasons the truck needed to be driven. The CD player had not been used in a while, the seats are losing their “imprint” of my rear, the air in the tires was stale and needed turning. None of them trumped the fact that I had First Gear Waterproof “Master” Gloves to test and there was no time like the present.

The glove is a gauntlet style with a 3/4 in. fabric strap closure around the wrist and a drawstring round the forearm. The wrist strap is difficult to tighten when the gloves are on because the strap pulls out of its plastic buckle. The gauntlet pulls past your wrist about 3 inches and fits under your jacket sleeve with little cursing or frustration. The glove itself is a combination of waterproof leather (Pittard WR100X) on the palm, leather fingers and knuckles and a waterproof breathable lining (Hipora) that is finished off with a synthetic back of the hand and gauntlet. Other little features of the gloves are the firm rubber strip on the side of the index finger of your left hand for squeegeeing rain off your visor and the suede tops of the index fingers for wiping your glasses or visor off.

My morning started out like any other commute. I stood in the rain while waiting for the bike to thump to life. All of my gear cinched and overlapping, I was ready to flip the finger to Ma Nature and ride ride ride. My thump to work generally consists of a stop off at my favorite coffee shop, Betty’s Bikes and Buns on Hennepin and 6th. But this morning was not an average day. Shortly into my ride, feeling no water on my body, including my hands I had my first accident. Glancing of a car and flopping over onto the boulevard my waterproof gear switch to its primary goal of saving my hide.

Sparing no expense, MMM functionally tests its gear. Not only are the First Gear Master Gloves waterproof, they are abrasion resistant. They are durable and heat resistant when picking up broken bits off the pavement and touching hot engine parts while assessing damage. They are also chemical resistant. After getting coolant and fuel on them they have no signs of spotting or discoloring. The breathable lining tried to keep up to my adrenaline-induced sweating but my hands were soaked from pulling them off to exchange insurance information and pulling them back on to pick up the bike and ride home. They are very comfortable and use of controls is not limited. The gloves are too heavy for summer use but for rainy days, spring or autumn riding the Master gloves are very nice accessories for your riding stash.

You can find First Gear Master Gloves at Motoprimo South along with many other models of First Gear Gloves and equipment. Motoprimo South is located at 3150 Highway 13 in Burnsville Minnesota. They are one mile west off the 35W and Hwy 13 exchange. The gloves MSRP is $79.95 and comes in sizes small to 2XL. Swing over and pick up some gear.


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