by Dan Hartman

Well, it’s almost over. October is here, and winter is just around the corner. Take advantage of the beautiful fall season and ride, ride, ride. Next month the snow will be falling, and the motorcycles will be in storage. The riding season has been great this year. I hope the fall will be long and warm. This may be the best riding season in many years.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly is already talking about changes for the newspaper in 1999. We are looking at ways to expand the paper and at what would be of interest to you, our readers. Your input would be welcome.

Last month we hired a distribution company to help deliver the paper. By 1999 you will be able to pick up the paper in many more places. The distribution company will be recommending new drop-off sites, so more people will have an easier time finding M.M.M.

We hope you will comment on the stories we run, so we can deliver the kind of news you like to read. The newspaper will increase in size to twenty-four pages, and there will be eleven issues next year. That’s a lot more motorcycles, stories, tips and results! M.M.M. will have a new issue out every month but January in 1999.

Also, before the holidays, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly will move into an office, which will house the newspaper production operation. The office will be located in the new motorcycle shopping center in south Minneapolis. It will be a relief to finally have headquarters for the newspaper, especially in a location with neighbors like Trackstar and a new Bob’s Java Hut.

This office will be home to the new people joining the newspaper staff. These enthusiasts will help continue to develop the editorial side and expand the advertising side. The future of the paper depends on it meeting the readers’ demands. These fresh voices will bring depth and insight to M.M.M.

Don’t forget to check out our web site at motorbyte.com. Back issues of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly are archived there. Look us up and enjoy some of the articles you may have missed. Then e-mail your comments to erintroy@mninter.net. We like to hear from you. We value your opinions, and we will publish your comments.

As you ride through the Upper Midwest this fall, remember to look at the trees. Be careful out there. Ride safe and be free.



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