Beyond the Lawvideo_22

Directed by Larry Ferguson

Live Video, 1994

101 minutes

by Tammy Vrieze

My boyfriend and I laughed as we popped the video into the VCR. Although it’s not fair to “judge a film by it’s cover,” I figured Beyond the Law would prove to be a cheesy Hollywood production of a B-rated movie. Charlie Sheen’s attempt to look tough and studly in leather on the cover called out to me. I did not expect to like this film

Charlie Sheen plays a small town cop haunted by a tormented childhood. When his hot headed sheriff fires him, the FBI tracks him down and employs him to investigate the illegal actions of a notorious biker gang, the Jackals. With help from a local bike mechanic, Virgil, Charlie miraculously transforms an old Hardtail frame into a late model Harley Softail and becomes the bad ass biker that adorns the cover of the video. He quits shaving, urinates on his jacket and goes undercover as Sid, a member of the imaginary Pythons outlaw motorcycle club of Cleveland.

Upon displaying the most violent and insane side of his personality Sid gains the trust of Blood, the leader of the Jackals portrayed by sexy Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, The Getaway). He uncovers everything from gun running and drugs to robberies and murder, but his pent up childhood aggressions seem to surface and at times you wonder whether his intentions in the gang will remain to bust them or if he will wind up going “Beyond the Law” and joining them.

Despite my expectations I really enjoyed watching this film. The combination of over acting and gobs of testosterone only add to the fun. Beyond the Law was written and directed by Larry Ferguson and was based on a true story. Linda Fiorentino, Courtney B. Vance, Leon Rippy, and the infamous Rip Torn help round out the cast. I’m almost positive that this movie never made it to the big screen, but it’s a rental worth checking out.



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