by Stephen “Hell Cat” Heller

Blister Run II
After many meetings and months of planning, the Blister Run from the Twin Cities to Duluth and back again went off without a hitch. Five Stellas, a Bajaj and Vespa made the trek which covered 425 miles over a long weekend. Highlights were a side trip up the shore of Lake Superior to Two Harbors, where pie was consumed. Plans for next years ride are already in the works, with the route possibly being extended up to the Canadian border. To see how you can add to the fun, check out the Tuesday Night Ride group and check out the photos on

Cannonball Run
If you think that riding a 150cc scooter from Minneapolis to Duluth is crazy, then please stop reading because this may blow your mind. Over 30 riders from across the country spent 9 days traversing over 3000 miles across the United States, from Oregon to New Jersey, on scooters. This was the second go at such an event.

Like marathons, some riders were actually racing for the lowest combined time, while others where just out there for the trip. The winner? A Kymco People 250. Second, a Vespa GT. You can read all about their adventure/race at On the site there are links to personal pages, with blogs and audio commentary about how it all went down.

After stopping production of all of their geared scooters at the end of 2005, and turning full focus to the domestic small capacity motorcycle market, Bajaj has announced that they will be producing automatic scooters from 75 to 125cc to go along with their 110cc Wave scooter. There were no details if any of these scooters will make it to the US.

While it looks like LML may never resolve their lock out and start making Stellas again, there is a shop in town that has been taking matters into their own hands. BlueCat Motors out of St. Paul is importing Indian restored Lambrettas and Vespas into the United States. The Vespa that is being sold is a ground up restoration of 1960’s VBB, a quintessential Vespa model updated with an LML 150cc motor and electric start. The Lambretta model is the GP200, a sleek and stylish “slimline” 200cc scoot. For more information, contact BlueCat Motors at 612-619-2583
Kymco Churnings

Now that Kymco has gotten their 2-stroke scooters to comply with the new 2006 EPA regulations; they have reversed course. For 2007, Kymco will have a giant line of scooters. The very popular 2-stroke People 50 will make a come back in a brand new color to go along with the old favorites. Also coming back is the sporty 50cc Super 9 but this time in the air-cooled version instead of liquid cooled.

The 125cc Agility is starting to be seen in dealers. This 4-stroke scooter shares the same body as its little brother, the Agility 50. The MSRP of the Agility 125 is $1999.


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