by Gus Breiland 

I am a scatter brain. I can’t remember what pile in my office has what document until I clean. Every once in a while, I remember to not drag my knuckles while walking, and I frustrate to no end my Editor in the definition of Copy Date versus Gus’ Copy Date. Mandatory paperwork throws a big wrench into the works. Especially things that are not a daily use item like Proof of Insurance Cards and Vehicle Registrations.

Proof of Insurance Cards are one of those silly little items that are a part of my long list of little annoyances that the human being has deemed necessary. Because I don’t need them to live, like breathing, eating and sleeping, they become annoying and worthless….until Officer Friendly is tapping his foot next to me waiting for me to start giving a damn. This is no time for me to put on my crabby pants and start ranting about how stupid the whole damn system is.

The way I deal with this is by leaving the insurance on the bike. My insurance card and registration are hidden on my motorcycle using a wonderful, cheap little pouch called the Motofile by Cycoactive. It is a simple little fabric pouch with a little zip lock bag on the inside. The pouch, when folded, is 5” long x 1.75” wide, by maybe 1” tall. It is perfect for storing under your seat or adhering the hook and loop strip inside your body work to hide from prying eyes and thieving human morons.

When on long trips I will put an extra $20 and a spare key in the pouch for emergencies. There is nothing like being in the middle of Canada, eh, with a credit card that is turned off, or a key that has decided to sprout legs and walk away. I have purchased many gadgets and trinkets under the guise of making motorcycling simpler, more efficient, and valuable. This little pouch gives me peace of mind that my papers are with me…expired, but with me. You still have to remember to update your files…Motofiles that is.

For a measly $7 you can pick up one or six at your friendly neighborhood and other purveyors of all things motorcycle. I have purchased one for each motorcycle and scooter that I have, and also have a couple of spares for new bikes and giving away to friends with similar paperwork deficiencies. It is silly not to have one, and if we meet and I have heard you read this review without buying one I will ridicule you and make you cry by not letting you sit at the cool table.


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