Granite Gear Air Grocery Bag

by Gus Breiland

If you have learned anything from perusing the pages of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, it is that we are a group of motorcyclists that could care less about the bike you are riding, but more that you are riding and using the motorcycle not only as a pleasure craft, but as a means of everyday transportation.

Everyday life is typically planned. You have to be somewhere by 8am, you have to meet someone at 1pm and you need to be on the road home by 5pm or your 6pm supper will be cooling on the table while your better half is steaming at the door.gear107

Spontaneous everyday life can creep up from time to time. Said steaming house-mate may call you up and ask you to swing by the store to get some needed supplies. If you are going to be late, it may be a warm blanket and bug spray, so you can sleep comfortably in the garage. Or they may need some milk, crackers and some grated cheese for the evening meal.

The Cub Scout in me wants to “be prepared” while the Al Gore in me wants to reduce my consumption as much as I am willing to do without. Grabbing yet another grocery bag on the way out the door annoys me as much as stopping by my favorite coffee shop without my travel mug. I can’t stand wasting a paper cup knowing full well I have a perfectly good reusable mug at home. And I can’t stand grabbing yet another plastic / paper bag when I have dozens of bags at home that are not one- time-use items.

I found the perfect spontaneous grocery / shopping bag at Aerostich. The Granite Gear Air Grocery Bag is 3” x 3” x 1.5” when folded into its integral pouch. When you expand it, the bag becomes a roughly 12” x 16” x 6” bag made of ultra light Cordura sil-nylon that will carry up to 25 pounds of stuff and withstand sharp corners and tears. The bag has handles that are reinforced, but they can be a bit sharp if you have too much weight in the bag. The integral pouch also has a small plastic clip that allows you to hook it onto your backpack / courier bag or to hang it outside to dry.

The folded form is so small I have one in my tank bag and one under the seat of each of my bikes. The material keeps condensation from the milk or ice cream off of the rest of my pannier contents, and in a pinch I can wrap my camera in it if there is a heavy down pour.

Pick up a couple and stash them on your bikes or in your gear. You will find you use it more often than you think, for things that you didn’t think it was for. Make your bike your favorite grocery getter by having your Air Grocery Bag under the seat. You can find them at (Item 9176) and at


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