Book review by Sev Pearman

Channeling Biker Bob–Heart of a Warriorbook45
by Nik C. Colyer
196 pages, $13.95
Henrioulle Publishing, Copyright 2001

Book publishers are famous for endless self-promotion. Every book you’ve ever read has several pages of gushing reviews from the Hooterville Herald and Gumshoe Gazette on the merits of what you are about to read. All writers hope for the Holy Grail of quotations, a blessing from the New York Times Book Review.

MMM’s guard went up when the quotes in Mr. Colyeri’s preface are listed as: Sanchez P, local drifter; Margaret C, addictions counselor; and Greg P, International Lover. And just what is a Metagrobologist? The book is fiction. The reviews are not.

Channeling… is the story of Stewart Chance, mild-mannered computer jockey who is visited by the spirit of Biker Bob. Bob’s agenda is to spread the word of the repressed warrior, and hapless Stewart is the “point man” assigned to the task.

Sort of A Christmas Carol meets The Celestine Prophecy meets Easy Rider magazine, we follow Stewart as he abandons his wife, family and obligations in search of his lost warrior-self.

I don’t really understand the intent of this book. If you “get it,” then the author is merely preaching to the choir. But can he really expect to recruit us “lost” males by describing on the first page a second-gear riding wheelie on a H-D? Not even the most die-hard Enthusiast will support that claim.

Our suspicions were confirmed by Mr. Colyeri’s thanking “Robert Bly…and other members of the men’s movement” Is this motorcycle non-fiction or a thinly-veiled confession of the author’s own change? MMM supports personal improvement on and off your bike, but Channeling Biker Bob is less of a escapist motorcycle fantasy than it is sneaking a peek at someone’s “journaling.”


Casual Reader – Only if you are a re-entry “bro” having a career crisis.

Gear Head – Don’t waste your time. Just go for a ride instead.

Serious Rider – Only if you can admit to having embraced Robert Bly. Howl, warrior. Howl!


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