Video review by Liz La Point

“Desperate Prey” Directed by Danny Vendraminivideo45
Roxy Films, 1992
91 minutes

Lucy, a redheaded ward of the Wattleglen Youth Centre who couldn’t be a day younger than thirty-two, is on the run from a leather clad bad ass biker. The prominent barrister she stripped for has been shot and she witnessed the murder. Granted, the biker was wearing a full face black helmet and a leather suit that could hide Pamela Lee’s curves but damnit, Lucy deserves to die. She flees from the scene in her panties and bra and smashes in a cop’s car windows to wind up back in Juvie for the sake of her safety. Once again we are reminded that bikers are evil shit kickers in this month’s video pick, “Desperate Prey”.

Piss poor sound quality and strong Australian accents allowed me to mute half the film and focus instead on the action and body language of the cast. I am reminded of singing in the car with my sister as kids and how she would only pick up on every third word in a song. “Ebony…together…harmony.” (Hi Holly!)

After checking for tracks in her arms or seeing if her pits stink Lucy wobbles and falls down gaining the compassion of her public defender, another sexy redhead. “Desperate” is not coming across but we have established Lucy as “Prey” in spite of how rarely the biker shows up. The attempts on her life are few and far between. On pure speculation I will give away the ending- the good guys are the bad guys. I never heard it coming. Thanks mute button!

“Desperate Prey” was directed by Danny Vendramini in 1992 and was originally released in Australia as “Redheads.” It “stars” Claudia Karvan, Catherine McClements, Alexander Petersons and Sally McKenzie. The film was inspired by the play “Say Thank You To The Lady” by Rosie Scott. I think they need to say thanks to this lady for reviewing the movie.


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