How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop–Second Editionbook62
by C. G. Masi

How to Repair Plastic Bodywork
by Kurt Lammon

Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy
by David H. Jacobs, Jr.

All available from Whitehorse Press


by Sev Pearman

Some of you work on your bikes to get you through winter. Others do their own service out of pride. Many of you ride classics that dealers no longer service. For these reasons and plain old cheapness, we cheerfully recommend this month’s trio of titles.

Don’t be put off by the dry title of C. G. Masi’s How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop–Second Edition. It is full of practical tips and techniques to maximize your available motorcycle workspace. Whether you simply want to keep your clunker running or expand your hobby into a shop-based business, this title is an excellent resource.

The author includes chapters on shop floor plans, cabinets and storage, power and lighting, tool selection and use, paint and metal fabrication, and shop common sense. All were found informative and useful. Mr. Masi writes in a humble style that will neither intimidate newbies nor bore grizzled veteran mechanics, painters or customizers.

Humorous stories and mistakes are shared, which further motivate the reader. This book is recommended for anyone who lays a hand on a bike.

Kurt Lammon’s How to Repair Plastic Bodywork is a thorough resource for repairing plastic components on cars, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. The easy-to-follow instructions and excellent illustrations will provide you with better-than-expected results, whether you use a simple all-in-one kit from your dealer or are doing major repairs on multiple body panels.

While general in nature, the text has several sections specific to motorcycles and provides detailed descriptions and techniques for working on the several types of plastic used on our favorite rides. Mr. Lammon also includes a decent resource guide listing plastic manufacturers and automotive chemical producers and suppliers.

This text is bare bones practical with no BS. Bodywork more than paid for itself after one successful repair on a VTR 1000 body panel, including the cost of repair materials. Recommended.

Our third bike care offering is Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy by David H. Jacobs, Jr. Incorporating current knowledge culled from detailing experts as well as his own experience, the author has created a detailing bible to keep your motorcycle looking its best.

While a clean bike is a happy bike and many owners religiously wash their bike after every ride, you can take this to an extreme. Do you really need to clean the underside of your fuel tank? Mr. Jacobs provides enough bike beautification tricks and advice to satisfy the most meticulous Concours judge.

This is a great book only if you are fastidious and/or enter bike shows. If you are like most of us and would rather ride than wash, you’ll be fine utilizing the knowledge in the first few chapters.

We liked the large 8.25 by 10.50 inch size for the tech guides. The pages are well illustrated, uncluttered and are easy to read from a distance. Our only suggestion would be to offer them spiral bound, for even greater function and practicality on the workbench.



Workshop–Without clutter, anything is possible.

Bodywork–For those who take pride in doing it themselves.

Detailing–Less cleaning, more riding, please.


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