“Mad Max”video62
Directed by George Miller
MGM 1979
93 minutes


by Tammy Wanchena

I recently discovered that there are people who read Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. I knew we had a lot of subscribers. But I subscribe to many a wine publication with nary a cover cracked. I knew we had a lot of friends and a huge family obligated to read our articles and I assumed our writers did, too. Now I have seen living proof that we have live, never before bribed, off the payroll readers.

MMM held a barely publicized (practically spur of the moment) reader appreciation viewing of “Mad Max” at the Riverview Theater last month. People showed up! At first I was elated to discover that the hours of work and gallons of coffee that are poured into each page of this publication were being recognized. But upon reflection I realized, CRAP! I may have to start actually watching these movies and learn how to write! Well, there’s no denying I sat through “Mad Max”, so here goes….

What can I say about “Mad Max” that hasn’t already been said? You were all there alongside me, watching the film. You know what it’s about. Even Gus Breiland, who assumed we were watching “Road Warriors”, the sequel to “Mad Max”, has seen this film now. My biggest observation from the big screen was that the Toe Cutter does not wear blue eye shadow on his right eye; he simply has shaved his right eyebrow. Video can be deceiving, and the crash and gore scenes really came to life.

For those of you who have been locked in a closet since 1979, “Mad Max” stars a very young Mel Gibson as an officer of the law. A post-apocalyptic rogue biker gang is randomly raping, killing and pillaging as rogue biker gangs would be expected to. Max has seen enough. When his partner, Goose, winds up hospitalized and near death, Max decides his family is too important for him to keep risking his life and he leaves the force. But life doesn’t amount to much when rogue bikers are traveling in your direction and his wife and son become victims. Max becomes vengeful. He won’t rest until the Toe Cutter and every one of his disciples are taking a dirt nap.

One of our more savvy readers loudly proclaimed, “I forgot how gay this movie was”. Gay!?!? Sure there is a moment where Max’s wife entertains him with her sax. There is a romantic picnic where Max apologizes for neglecting his wife and working too many hours. Sappy by a man’s standards perhaps, but get real! There is nothing gay about Mel Gibson.

I would like to thank everyone who joined us September 10th and showed their support for our newspaper. Your participation is our motivation to continue to improve this birdcage liner.


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