By Guido Ebert

Photo by Manny Pandya
Manny says the 2014 Honda Grom suffers from a stiff ride but nevertheless makes for a fun urban commuter.

A friend of mine, Manny, recently picked up a 2014 Honda Grom, that diminutive 125cc bike with a four-speed transmission, 12-inch tires and 225-lb. wet weight.

“I’m loving the thing for its urban commuting properties and its silly hooliganism inspiring properties as well,” he told me after 250 miles on the bike. “A confirmed over 100 mpg never hurts either.”

“This bike is just fun, as well as perfect for my suburban/urban commuting duties. I can hit all the major surface roads and even pull a few exits on the freeway if necessary as it has about a 55mph top speed right now.”

So what are the pros and cons? According to Manny:


  • The Grom is pinned by its displacement as a “small” bike, yet the 29.7” seat height and high reaching bars actually make for a very comfortable rider’s triangle.
  • After 250 miles, I’m seeing fuel efficiency right at 120 mpg
  • More smiles per mile on my morning commute than any of the other bikes I own.


  • Least comfortable seat on any bike I’ve ever ridden.  Period.
  • Single rear shock is non-adjustable and sprung to carry up to 300 lbs., making that wooden seat even less comfortable over jarring bumps.
  • The 120/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear tires means you need to avoid bumps and potholes, as the small diameter wheels cause enhanced spinal compression. Unfortunately, these road anomalies are most common in urban riding areas that are otherwise perfect for this bike.


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