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Designed to be versatile, rugged, and ever so slightly evil, the Genuine Hooligan dares you to NOT smile while riding it.

Genuine Scooters has a history of working with PGO Scooters of Taiwan to manufacture some outstanding machines for the North American marketplace. The Hooligan is a combination of the PGO X-Hot and Libra scooters with some U.S.-only modifications.

Ultimately, the Hooligan features the same 169cc fuel-injected powerplant as the Genuine Buddy 170i, just with a longer drivecase to make room for the larger twelve-inch wheel. The 169cc motor has a claimed output of 15hp. Doesn’t sound like a lot until one considers that most comparable scooters have to get by on 10 – 12 ponies. An automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gets that power to the rear wheel. Dual disc brakes slow down the 12 inch wheels.

The Hooligan seat is large enough for two and there are both built-in footrests and flip-out foot pegs to accommodate a passenger. The rider floorboards are roomy and flat with a slightly forward cant. The reach to the controls is just about dead neutral. I found myself in a tiny bit of a forward lean, due to the floorboards. With a seat height of 31 inches and those wide floorboards, it’s a bit of a reach for the shorter amongst us at stops.

The control configuration is standard for a modern automatic scooter. Not so standard, the Hooligan also includes a four-way hazard light switch on the right hand controls. Lots of stuff happens with the main switch. One can engage the front end lock, turn the ignition on & off, release the seat catch and open the high-mounted fuel filler cap. The cap is on the left side of the inner leg shield just below the (handy) covered power socket.

The mirrors spaced far enough apart to allow a decent view of what’s going on behind one. The excellent headlight and “projector” light up front make for outstanding nighttime visibility. The turn signal and brake lights are also bright and easy for others on the road to spot. The dash is a mix of a large round analog tachometer to the left and a small round digital speedometer/odometer to the right. There are warning lights in the lower/right corner of the tachometer, control buttons between and below the two round pods, and a fairly accurate fuel gauge on the outer edge of the speedometer. As it is, the dash looks good and is easy to read even in sunlight.

Native storage is pretty good. There’s a small tray on the inside leg shield and enough under-seat space for your bookbag or open-face helmet and jacket.

The very first thing I noticed when riding was how neutral the handling is on the Hooligan. “Responsive” is not a strong enough word to describe it. As for the brakes, they are strong, easy to modulate and inspire confidence.

Riding around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area was perfect for the Hooligan. It gobbled up the crappy road surfaces we have here without a problem and made commuting, dare I say, fun.

I mounted a GPS to the Hooligan as soon as I picked it up. My tests returned 12% optimistic for both the speedometer and the odometer. When the speedometer indicates 30 mph the actual speed is 26 mph. At 50 mph, the actual speed is 44 mph. The GPS indicated a 63 mph top speed. Fuel economy was good at 72 mpg. Keep in mind that this was a new machine, not yet broken in, being ridden fairly hard by a heavy rider. I would expect that an average sized person, riding a broken in scooter at speeds in the 35mph – 55mph range could expect to see 80 mpg or better. 

The Genuine Hooligan 170i scooter is a fine example of how good a modern scooter can be, capable of all sorts of practical transport tasks. On top of all the utilitarian ability, the Hooligan is still true to its name – it’s a boatload of fun to ride and will bring a wicked sparkle to your eye. Thanks again to Scooterville for facilitating this review.



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