By B.P. Goebel

MMM: You are racer in what series?

Kaleb: MotoAmerica Supersport (600) Class.170_MNRider

MMM: How old were you when you got your first bike?

Kaleb: I had a Yamaha PW-50 before I was ever born.

MMM: When did you know that you were hooked on motorcycles?

Kaleb: Ever since I was five; I knew I wanted to be a professional motorcycle racer.

MMM: How many motorcycles do you have?

Kaleb: Currently I have a Yamaha R6 – which is my race bike – I’ve got a 2014 Yamaha YZ 250F dirt bike, and I’ve got a NSR50. Three bikes right now.

MMM: Of any bike, what is your favorite and why?

Kaleb: The bike of my dreams is probably that brand new Yamaha R1. The new R1s are definitely the race bike to have.

MMM: How would you describe how it feels /what it’s like when you are in the zone?

Kaleb: I think “the zone” is when you are confident in your self, for sure. You’re at the maximum confidence you can have; everything is working right … going right. It’s really weird how it happens, but somehow you’re really focused and you know what you are doing and what you want to do and what you are going to do after. And you just do it. Just go for it.

MMM: Favorite Minnesota motorcycle event?

Kaleb: Probably Millville (Motocross race). Millville is really fun.

MMM: Favorite Minnesota road?

Kaleb: I don’t even have my motorcycle license. We don’t do much road riding. It’s more dangerous than the track for sure.

MMM: Favorite motorcycle rider past or present?

Kaleb: I would have to say either Valentino Rossi or Ryan Dungey.

MMM: If you were starting out riding again what would you do differently?

Kaleb: Back in my younger years I hesitated a lot and didn’t push myself as hard as I should have. I think it was overall doubt in my head and not believing in myself. I didn’t believe in myself when I was little and it showed in my riding for sure.

MMM: Why are motorcycles so important in your life?

Kaleb: Motorcycles are all I know!  Honestly, it feels like you are in a totally different world, especially road racing. But when I put the helmet on, it feels like I go into a different world.


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