170_MadMaxDirected by George Miller

Warner Brothers, 2015

120 minutes

Rated R

By Amy Kempf

While it just came out on DVD September 1st, I recommend you run out and buy Mad Max: Fury Road immediately; or at least rent it. For a movie with a man’s name in the title, Fury Road shows the power of women, on a new level. While Tom Hardy does an excellent job of playing the rebellious “Max”, the character that sticks out from the beginning is Furiosa, played by Australian actress Charlize Theron.

Like the other Mad Max films, Fury Road is set in a post-apocalyptic Australia. When Imperator Furiosa rebels from tyrant, Immortan Joe, chaos is unleashed. Furiosa steals a war rig, and with it, four of the tyrant’s wives. For a movie with a ton of action, the women shine and prove their strength and power. Headed to Furiosa’s homeland, the women seek a new hope, “the Greenland”. Upon their journey they encounter Max, who puts on a cold front, ready to fight them and steel their rig at any second.  

I found this movie to be extremely fast pace, and adrenaline building. The story is constantly switching from gory, race filled action, to plot development, but it still manages to hold the audiences attention. I will say it is hard to tell what side Max is on, as he plays into his “mad” role, and displays trauma, anger and distress. Yet, his character goes through so much throughout the series that you can’t blame him for being a wreck.

The film didn’t have as much motorcycle based action as I expected, mostly focusing on the war rig stolen by Furiosa. Yet without fail motorcycles were still included in scenes, my favorite being by an all women clan who fought with spears and chainsaws. Again, this movie proves how tough women can be. Furiosa and her women take on the tyrant and his men straight on, some even doing so while pregnant! Talk about badass.

In the end, Mad Max: Fury Road exceeded my expectations. So much action and excitement occurs, even thought the characters spend most of their time in a desert and mountain landscape. The movie took a classic following, and added a new aspect of added power to women. By the end of the movie I was such a fan of Furiosa, I would be willing to shave my head and dress up like her for Halloween. This woman has major fighting and driving skills, to the point where she definitely comes out looking far tougher than Mad Max himself.


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