Electra Glide in Bluevideo_21

Produced and directed by

James William Guercio


MGM/UA Home Video

by Tammy Vrieze

Wow! This is a first. Electra Glide in Blue is the only biker flick I know of where the main character hates to ride and resents his Harley. Johnny Wintergreen cruises the deserted highways of Arizona upholding the long arm of the law, hassling hippies, and aspiring for the day he can trade in his sore butt and his Harley Electra Glide for a cushy desk job as a detective.

One day while Johnny and his partner are on the job, Crazy Willie comes running down from the hills in a frenzy, informing them that his best friend Frank is dead. They find Frank in a position that screams suicide but Johnny is convinced Frank has been murdered and sees this as his big break and a chance to prove he’s cut out for detective work. Upon further investigation they discover a second bullet in the back of Frank’s head and Johnny gets to live out his dream. Adorned in his best suit and Stetson hat which he’d been saving for just this day, Johnny is promoted to driver and right hand man for the detective assigned to this case.

In spite of Johnny’s hard work, personal differences come into play when the detective discovers his girlfriend and Johnny were lovers. Johnny is forced right back to where he started, astride his dreaded machine.

Electra Glide in Blue is the newest addition to my list of favorite films. It keeps a steady pace and will hold your interest from the murder at the beginning to the murder at the end. It is directed by James William Guercio and stars Robert Blake (Mickey from the Little Rascals now all grown up) and Billy “Green” Bush who you’ve probably never heard of. It became an instant cult film due to its trick photography and visual effects.


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