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by Crash Casey

A funny thing happened to me the other week. I was out in Willmar at a Bro’s house visiting with another bro who had ridden in from Portland, OR. We were discussing my plans to build a trike when at that exact moment a guy pulled up on a trike looking for his young grandson who happened to be playing in the house. I freaked right out and still believe that the Higher Power of all Motorcyclists sent me an angel. Sherlan is a grandfatherly looking guy in the Rockwellian way, and he is in his sixties, I guess. I love my own grandfather more than anything, but if I could choose an additional one…this guy rocks!

M.M.M.: O.K. Do you go by Sherlan?

S.B.: Yeah, Sherlan.

M.M.M.: All right. I just wanted to be sure you didn’t go by Wildman, Animal or Coolhand Sher. Tell me about the bikes you’ve had.

S.B.: I started out with a 1980 Kawasaki 1500. We had that a couple of years. It was a full-dresser. Then I traded it on a 1984 Interstate and had that for about eleven years and then in 1995 I trade that on a new Aspencade. That’s the one I converted to a Motor Trike.

M.M.M.: Tell me about your first ride.

S.B.: The first ride of any significance was up to North Dakota and down into Spearfish through South Dakota. The reason I remember this one so well was one of the guys rear brakes caught on fire and we had to put that out with cans of pop. That was kind of an exciting experience.

M.M.M.: What influenced your decision to get a trike.

S.B.: I’ve got an uncle who at the time was about seventy-five years old. He tipped his over a couple of times, then got a trike. I met a guy up in St. Cloud. at the House of Honda who had converted his bike. Then he and his wife headed up to Alaska on the Al-Can highway. After talking to him, I felt a trike might be right for my wife and I. My wife never really felt comfortable on bikes. Now she does with a trike and all. We made the conversion last fall.

M.M.M.: So I guess it saved your marriage and extended your riding life.

S.B.: Yeah, I guess that’s a good way of putting it.

M.M.M.: How did you go about putting your trike together?

S.B.: Well, that one guy recommended L & M sales in Glenwood (320-634-3135) So I went over there and drove a couple of demos. I tried them and each time I just thought that this would be right for me. And as we’ve gotten older we just feel comfortable on it.

M.M.M.: Which of the Spice Girls would have the best chance of getting lucky with you?

S.B.: (laughs) No comment.

M.M.M.: What kind of riding do you do, cruising or touring or a combination?

S.B.: I would have to say cruising. We’re not much for touring. But when I started to write down the trips we’ve taken, we have taken a few. You know, up to a week long. We’re not hard-core touring people.

M.M.M.: Tell me about some of the tours you’ve taken.

S.B.: Oh we’ve gone to Yellowstone a couple of times. The Black Hills a couple of times. Our group has gone to Colorado–Estes Park, House On The Rock. Shorter trips: we’ve gone to Winona, Landsboro, the Root River in SE Minnesota. That’s a beautiful area. Up north: Hill City, Ely, Silver Bay area–along the North Shore some. The Apostle Islands, northern Michigan. I just finished a trip with one of my grandsons. My oldest grandson. He’s going on twelve now. He and I took a trip of about fifteen hundred miles. Thunder Bay, Sioux St. Marie, back across to Northern Michigan, Wisconsin. We had a real nice time.

M.M.M.: Do you have any plans for future trips?

S.B.: We’re going to take a little trip in September. We have a little group we call the Seven Cousins–we’re all cousins and we ride together. We’re going to go for about three days up along the North Shore. We also have a church group that has been active for a few years. I ended up kind of being the trail boss this last year. We leave the Assembly of God church in Willmar at about 4:00 Saturdays. We usually ride about 150 miles. There are so many nice state and county roads out in this area. If someone was interested they could just show up or call me at (320) 231-1220. We welcome all comers.

M.M.M.: Tell me about your most memorable ride.

S.B.: I would have to say the trip I just took with my grandson. In fact I think I’m going to take all six of my grandkids when they reach about 11-12 years of age. That will mean about one trip a year for the next six years. You really get to know your grandkids that way.

M.M.M.: That sounds like a beautiful tradition. Tell me about your favorite day trip.

S.B. Probably a nice little day trip is going north out of Willmar–up toward Glenwood–through some nice rolling hills on Highway 104. You can head over to a little settlement called Hillcrest Lake. There are good black tops all around there. Then head up Highway 29. That takes you up to Lake Minnewasta. There’s a couple of restaurants there that serve good food. Then head back around the lake to Highway 55 over to Rooton, Delgrade, Paynesville then down to Lake Verona. It’s probably about 150 miles.

M.M.M.: What do you think is the biggest issue facing bikers today?

S.B.: Safety. It’s not the safest place to be (on a bike). Motorists don’t see you. They’re not always courteous. I think that’s the biggest issue I face.

Call me at 750-5988, e-mail me at or write me at the paper. Adios.


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