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by Tammy Vrieze

I never realized the Hell’s Angels had an Asian chapter. Cobra’s gang is a corrupt biker gang that make the Angels look almost angelic by comparison in this month’s video I Want To Get Even. Rape, extreme violence, serious drug abuse, and incredibly bad dubbing make Cobra and his gang a force to be reckoned with.

Let me begin by confessing I have no clue what country this movie was made in. I thought maybe Japan, but my boyfriend guessed Samoa. Ironically, the only country even hinted at on the cover is All American production company but I can assure you I Want To Get Even is far from American. The lips rarely catch up with the dialogue and the haunting music in the background of the bar scene stays in your head for days.

Cobra is a powerful gang leader who sets his designs on a barmaid named Rini. He has his gang kidnap and drug her, Cobra then rapes her. When she comes to and tries to escape the gang members drag her out into the woods, rape her again, and leave her for dead. She lives but is battered, beaten, and now pregnant. Rini’s husband, Rudy, insists she abort the baby and even throws her out of a speeding car in hopes she will lose it. When she refuse abortion he leaves her and seeks his revenge on the gang.

Rudy starts out by raping the wives and sisters of each gang member. The he starts his mission for blood. The cops break up the twenty-to-one karate fight but the action isn’t over yet. The gang ride their motorcycles right into Rudy’s home and tie him to the fender of a bike. They drag him through the streets back to their clubhouse and beat him mercilessly. Surprise! Rudy lives through it all with only a couple of band aids and a black eye to show for it. When Rini’s baby is graphically stillborn Rudy returns to her and they set out for vengeance together.

I Want To Get Even is action packed entertainment. I have barely touched on the events of this movie of less than two hours. Starring Eva Arnaz, Clift Sangra, Nena Rosier, Rengga Takengon, Hendro T, El Kusno, and many other foreign actors never nominated for an Oscar. There’s some great motorcycle moments in the film’s finale so be sure to see it through to the end. It’s been a long time since I laughed this hard.


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