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Lake Effect–A Lake Superior Murder Mystery
by Mike Savage
251 pages, $11.95
Savage Press, Copyright 2002 715.394.9513

by Sev Pearman

MMM switches literary gears this month and reviews fiction. We received a box containing NOS Ossa parts and two fifths of mighty fine Kentucky bourbon. Tucked under a plump envelope was a copy of Mike Savage’s fun murder mystery. Who says we can’t be bought?

Lake Effect is the story of a murdered biker, floating cash, and purloined water. Superior, Wisconsin detective Alphonse ‘Dave’ Davecki must find who killed fellow rider, Little Willie Horton, and prevent a larger crime; the diversion of lake water to the arid Southwest. Think Chinatown meets Dune meets Raymond Chandler.

Mr. Savage provides an entertaining story, peppered with oddball characters and a plausible plot. A former stripper/now mystic, who encourages ‘dancers’ to change their lives, aids the good detective. Comedy relief is provided through a predictably surly Police Chief. Like Colombo and Jim Rockford, the author enriches the detective with many quirky habits and mannerisms.

Serious riders will enjoy his descriptions of North Shore riding, including our beloved US 61. Local readers will wink at Davecki’s use of an Aerostich Roadcrafter riding suit, and nods toward Rider Wearhouse Czar Andy Goldfine. Hardware geeks will celebrate that the detective rides a Honda VFR, hardwired with GPS and cellphone. Best of all, Mr. Savage doesn’t take either his novel or himself seriously. He keeps pretension low, and fun high.

MMM readers will thank me for not revealing too much. We agree with Andy Goldfine’s review, “It rips!” If you like to read stuff with a motorcycle theme but can’t stomach another history of an obscure Hungarian brand, give Lake Effect a chance. Recommended with Three out of Four Cylinders.


Book Shy–Lighthearted and fun. Will get you through to spring.

Bolt SpotterEnough VFR and North Shore references to keep you entertained

English Major–It’s not Hemingway, but what did you expect?


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