by Gus Breiland

For those of you have ever spent the night in the saddle on a warm summer’s eve trying to get home to your nice soft bed, I know you dread the thought of getting up and looking at your ride only to find the front end frosted with all kinds of entomological treasures.

In my humble opinion, there are 3 types of bikers:

First is the type that is so sick of trying to keep their chromed stallion clean that they no longer ride the bike unless it is down the block for a quick root beer on a clear night.

Second is the type that has given up all hope of ever having a clean bike and just rides it. These people believe that dirt and grime are functional parts of an engine and if you clean the bike, it will leak oil and most likely throw a rod.gear52

Third is the type that cleans his bike, continues to ride and is too damn happy and easy going and should be pushed down just for being a nice person.

We have a product for all three types this month. It is called the Micro X-Treme and is pure gold for cleaning off that layer of dirt, grime, bugs, deer hide, etc. that has turned your once beautiful motorcycle into a rolling DNA trap. All it takes is a dampening of the cloth and a little wiping and the next thing you know that custom paint job starts to shine through.

With a couple of different testers, each one was amazed at how quickly the bulk of the crap wipes off of your bike with no soap, just water and polyester. This is by no means the cure all for that yellow jacket stuck in the fins of your cylinder or that corner back by your chain that fills with dirt, grim and oil. However it is darn close.

I would recommend a couple different rags, one for bodywork and one for motor detailing. Maybe even one for the top case to take with you to your next rally. Get it damp, hose yourself down with a little water and wipe that grime off your face, then get to work on your bike. You never know when that “Best Rider” blue ribbon will find its way to your campsite. And as your mom said “Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!”

I found mine at BMW Motorcycles of the Tri-State in Cincinnati Ohio. You can contact them at 1-800-601-5941. They retail for $15.00 but Tri-State discounts them to $9.95 (as of 8/24/02, this price is still good) plus shipping. Well worth the call if you ask me.


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