by Gus Breiland

The Empire Strikes Back
The (British) Empire has released a fully operational Death Star in the form of the new Rocket III; the biggest baddest production motorcycle, period. Triumph Motorcycles has created the ultimate power cruiser especially for the US market. The Juggernaut builds its steam via a 2.3 liter (2,294 cc) fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, DOHC inline-triple engine. That’s 140 cu in. or the displacement of entire GSX-R 750 per EACH CYLINDER.

The Rocket III is bigger than a H-D Ultra Classic, longer than a Rune, and has more presence than any other production motorcycle. Picture 147The twin-plugged counter-balanced longitudinal triple generates 140 HP (5,750 rpm) and makes 147 ft lbs torque (2,500 rpm) measured at the crank. It churns more torque at 1,800 rpm than the new 1800 Gold Wing makes at peak.

Performance? How about 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, faster than a Hayabusa. V-Max? see ya’. V-Rod? Not even close. Yamaha Warrior? Give it up, boys. There is a new Sheriff in town and your stroked V-twins no longer cut it.

Set your course for the Hoth System. The Rocket III is scheduled for release next Spring, with a price under $20,000.

AMA monitors investigation of fatal accident involving congressman
Aug. 18–The AMA is monitoring the police investigation of a fatal accident, in which a car driven by South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow collided with a motorcycle, killing the rider. The South Dakota State Highway Patrol is investigating and has not yet filed charges in the case. Authorities have released very few details.

The collision occurred around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, August 16, at a rural intersection in eastern South   Dakota. Janklow’s Cadillac collided with a Harley-Davidson ridden by Randolph E. Scott, of nearby Hardwick, Minnesota.

Friends and neighbors in his hometown described Scott as a well-known and popular figure in his small community. He owned a gravel trucking company, was a large cattle producer, served as a firefighter and was a Vietnam veteran.

Janklow, 63, is a former four-term governor of South Dakota and is currently serving his first term in Congress. He suffered minor injuries to his hand and head and is recuperating at home. He was on his way home from an event honoring Korean War veterans when the accident occurred.

Janklow issued a statement expressing “as much anguish for this gentleman and his family and friends as is humanly possible.” Another rider who was with Scott when the accident occurred told local media that law enforcement officials have asked him not to comment on events until the investigation is complete. The AMA will continue to monitor the case as the investigation continues.

Stripped-down bikers say it’s all about freedom
from the
MURFREESBORO–Live free. Ride fast. Let it all hang out. That was the unspoken motto of the fledgling North American Nude Bikers club, whose first rally was at the Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park just outside Murfreesboro, in southeast Rutherford County.

Organizers estimated that around 100 motorcyclists participated in the activities, which included bike games, a poker run &emdash; where bikers vie for the best hand by drawing cards at stops along the way &emdash; a barbecue and live music. Don’t worry, they don’t actually ride naked. Mostly.

”You’ve got to be real careful or you’re liable to get something burnt or hurt,” said club Vice President Allen ”Anchor” Turner, 46, who came up with the idea for the group last November.

Participants said the values of trust, respect and 0freedom are common to both nudists and bikers.

”It’s all about living a freer lifestyle,” said Turner, who has been a biker for 15 years and a nudist for five.

MMM at this point would like to interject and say “Anchor? Your nickname is Anchor? Am I really supposed to call this guy Anchor? MMM is proud to be nickname free except for Senior Editor Victor “Free Willy” Wanchena.

When not astride their choppers, the bikers mixed with the rest of Rock Haven’s members and visitors by swimming in the pool, playing volleyball and soaking up the July rays. Turner said he wanted to dispel the myth that the nudist culture was one of orgies and swingers. ”This is a family park,” he said. Anyone perpetrating lewd shenanigans in public areas is immediately booted out. ”I feel safer bringing my wife here than to a public lake or pool,” he said. ”Everyone knows everybody.” Both literally and figuratively.

Yesterday afternoon the bikers engaged in relay races, wove slowly between cones, hooked rings to show their agility and competed in two-person teams to lob water balloons over a bar while moving and then catching the balloon on the other side.

While the bikers also love to swap cycle stories, Rock Haven owner George Volak’s still beats ’em all, the bikers admitted. In 1968 Volak escaped from Communist-controlled Czechoslovakia into Austria on a bike. He was caught in a firefight at the border.

”The Russian soldiers were shooting at me, and the Austrians were shooting back.” He said with a smile, ”I was a much smaller target then.”

Michael ”Shine” Brannon set up a booth to sell jackets, helmets and other biker gear at the rally. He said he was a bit apprehensive about selling clothing to nudists until someone pointed out that they weren’t nude all the time. Shine sported a pair of cut-off jeans that would have gotten Daisy Duke arrested. They were literally all pockets. Danger. Danger. Grown man in “Daisy Dukes” named Shine!

He said it was his first time being at a nudist camp. ”Well, I started out with nothing, and I’ve still got most of it left,” he said of his nudity. ”There’s more sick people walking around with clothes on.”

Not all bikers are nudists and not all nudists are bikers, he said. But what both groups really want is ”freedom and relief from stress.”

NANB President Don ”Machine” Clark, 47, said he couldn’t be happier with the event’s success and hopes next year’s rally is even bigger and better. Event coordinators also asked for more women to show up. But not ugly fat women.

CHP Motorcycle to Be in Smithsonian Exhibit
A vintage California Highway Patrol motorcycle identical to the ones used in the “CHiPs” television show is headed to the nation’s capital to be featured in a Smithsonian Institution exhibit.

The National Museum of American History exhibition, “America on the Move,” will open Nov. 22, featuring more than 300 transportation artifacts &emdash; including the 1976 Kawasaki CHP bike.

CHP mechanics spent more than 300 hours restoring the bike after the department purchased it from Kawasaki for $1. The MMM staff knows where a “very cool” ChiPs style tank is available for the restoration team. Check out MMM’s free classifieds and see if you can find it!



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