Suzuki GSX-R Performance Projectsbook79
by Ian Faloon
127 pages, $19.95
Motorbooks Int’l, copyright 2004


by Sev Pearman

Many riders never touch their own machines, preferring to leave all maintenance to a trusted mechanic. Other riders like to get their hands dirty and savor the reward that comes from doing a job themselves.

Younger riders and those who are -ahem- thrifty can’t bring themselves to spend $50 on an oil change. Don’t forget those who feel that keeping a machine stock is a crime. If you see yourself in any of these descriptions and own any recent GSX-R, Suzuki GSX-R Performance Projects is for you.

Author Ian Faloon has compiled thirty projects to improve the appearance and performance of all post-’96 GSX-R models. Whether you are a newbie or experienced veteran, you will find this book helpful.

The layout is logical, sequential and detailed. Mr. Faloon organizes the projects into four sections: Basic Service; Engine, Fuel Injection & Exhaust; Brakes, Rear Sprocket & Suspension; and Other Chassis Components.

Each section describes several projects. The author lists an estimated time, difficulty, required tools and supplies and best of all, suggests complimentary tasks for each project. For example, in the section on upgrading brake lines, Mr. Faloon notes that you can bleed brakes, fit aftermarket rotors, and upgrade or replace your brake pads at the same time. This prevents duplicate labor in the future and helps prevent those annoying mid-project trips to the shop.

Projects range from the simple (removing fairing pieces, changing engine oil) to extremely advanced (installing and tuning an aftermarket engine management system, replacing gearshift detent star). No matter what your mechanical skills may be or your machine’s state of tune, there is something to inspire you to run to the garage and fling open the toolbox. Best of all, Mr. Faloon writes in a calm, logical style that doesn’t intimidate.

This is a good resource. If you own any ’96-’04 Suzuki GSX-R and enjoy working on your machine you’ll like this book.

Even if you own a different brand of sport bike, there are tips that make this a worthwhile purchase. We would like to see additional photos and the text could benefit from additional editing, but that isn’t enough to stop our recommendation. MMM awards Suzuki GSX-R Performance Projects three-out-of-four cylinders.


Structure—Detailed projects aided by helpful hints and co plementary projects.

Text—Only a few minor typos and head scratchers.

Photos—Could use more to illustrate the projects.

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