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by Gus Breiland
Polaris & KTM to Continue Strategic Partnership As Independent Companies
Polaris Industries, Inc. and KTM Power Sports AG (KTM) jointly announced that they would continue their strategic partnership at an operational and technical level, but that they no longer anticipate that Polaris will acquire a majority equity interest in KTM. Polaris will maintain a 25% stake in KTM. On July 19, 2005, the companies announced that Polaris purchased approximately 25% interest in KTM and that Polaris and KTM’s largest shareholder, Cross Industries AG (Cross), had entered into an option agreement which provided that, under certain conditions in 2007, either Cross could purchase Polaris’ interest in KTM or, alternatively, Polaris could purchase Cross’ majority interest in KTM. Although the options are not exercisable until 2007, it is likely that under the terms of the option agreement, Cross would have the initial option to purchase Polaris’ equity interest in KTM. On July 19, 2005 the companies also announced that during the first phase of the partnership, each company would be run independently and that Polaris and KTM would work on several specific cooperative projects.

“Our teams have worked well together over the past year. The strategic partnership has accomplished a tremendous amount so far and achieved nearly all our goals during the first 12 months of its existence.” Said Tom Tiller, Polaris’s. “For instance, in February of this year, Polaris and KTM entered into a long-term exclusive engine supply agreement for ATV applications and in March of this year, KTM became Polaris’ distributor in Germany. Additionally, our co-development projects are progressing nicely and we expect to make an exciting announcement about one of our projects in the near future. These and other joint cooperation projects will continue into the future. I expect the technical cooperation between our companies to continue to be strong in the coming years.”

“We are very pleased with the results of the first phase of the strategic partnership and look forward to continuing the relationship” said Stefan Pierer, KTM’s CEO. “Nevertheless, Rudolf Knünz (the other principal in Cross) and I have recently informed Polaris of our intention not to sell Cross’ interest in KTM to Polaris. We wish to remain in control of KTM and for KTM to remain an independent company.” Tom Tiller concluded, “When we structured Polaris’ path toward complete ownership of KTM as a 2-staged process, we recognized that this was a possible outcome. Polaris continues to own a 25percent equity interest in KTM and we continue to have confidence in the KTM management team and their ability to execute the KTM operational plan.”

MMM had their high hopes of Ness-framed desert racers or a 640 LC4 low riders with tasseled saddlebags with this news release. Editor “I [Heart] Cruisers” Pearman is currently sulking in the corner lamenting his pre-order of the Tribal paint scheme 950 Supermoto.

Ducati MotoGP For You And Me
The Ducati Desmosedici RR production prototype is launched at Mugello on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix. Available from July, 2007, this first, true MotoGP replica motorcycle can already be reserved from the official Ducati dealer network.

news88Ducati chose the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello to launch the Desmosedici RR production prototype. The dream of a true GP replica has finally come true and the Desmosedici RR will be the first-ever road-going motorcycle to offer the performance and technology that comes directly from Ducati’s experience in MotoGP. The RR derives from the Ducati Corse Grand Prix racing Desmosedici GP6; the same bike with which Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau are competing with in the 2006 MotoGP World Championship. The Mugello launch is the perfect occasion to reveal the shape and the technical characteristics with which the bike will go to market, confirming the high technological features of this exclusive and esoteric machine.

The body design and the aerodynamics faithfully reflect the DesmosediciGP6. The color scheme, the fittings, the materials used in its construction as well as the technical features of the powerful four-cylinder desmodromic engine built by the Borgo Panigale factory engineers, leave no doubts whatsoever: the Desmosedici RR is the ultimate expression of the most extreme MotoGP racing machine today.

The project is currently in the industrialization phase and, as previously announced, it will be a limited edition motor-cycle, with approximately400 bikes being produced a year. The RR is scheduled to arrive in July, 2007.Starting this June, it will be possible to reserve the bike through the official Ducati dealer network, with Ducati999R owners receiving priority.

MMM Columnists are currently compiling a list of who gets first dibs on the first one to be sold in MMM’s free classifieds 20 years from now. Editor Wanchena is already sourcing sub-frames and crossbraces to fit a sidecar for winter riding while Editor Pearman has folded his arms in disgust and has been overhear muttering, “Damn kids and their flashy machines.” He also made a comment about “steam power” but we couldn’t hear him over his stomping feet.

MV Agusta Sets Bonneville Land Speed Record
The 2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R takes title of World’s Fastest 1000cc Production Motorcycle. The F4-1000R raced across the salt flats during the 58th Annual Bonneville National Speedweek land speed trials (August 12-18, 2006) and into the Southern California Timing Association record books as the fastest production class 1000cc motorcycle in the world with an aver-age combined speed of 185.882 MPH (299.148 KPH) and highest single speed of 187.726 MPH (302.116 KPH).
A collaboration between Team Manager Bob Leppan of TT Motorcycles, rider Roosevelt ‘Rosey’ Lackey, tuner Eraldo Ferracci of Fast By Ferracci Racing Products, Primary Sponsor Gary Kohs of Fine Art Models and Matthew Stutzman, MVAgusta GM, the group focused their efforts on attaining the Land Speed Record for the 1000ccProduction Engine /Production Frame (P-P) class previously set at182.759 mph. The 1000cc“P-P” record is particularly desirable as it is based on unmodified “showroom stock” production models available at any authorized dealer.

Throughout the qualifying runs, the F4-1000R showcased its renowned high-speed stability while delivering a factory rated174 HP and 81.8 ft./lb. of torque to the Utah Salt Flats, propelling the motorcycle unerringly to the very limits of traction and aerodynamics. Veteran rider Roosevelt ‘Rosey’ Lackey, who piloted the F4-1000R on its record run, said that “the bike is so beautiful; it does everything you could want for it to do, with nothing ill at all in any way shape or form, no hiccups anywhere. I love that motor-cycle just the way it is.”

The Bonneville effort is yet another step in the contemporary MV Agusta brand’s return to organized racing and complements emerging efforts in both Europe and the United States. Cagiva USA, Inc., the official North American importer of MV Agusta, has set its sights on AMA homologation for Superstock in 2007, and CEO Larry Ferracci notes that “with a performance like this at its Bonneville debut, the MV Agusta F4-1000R is proving to be the platform that will bring MV Agusta’s historic championship-winning success to US racetracks in the very near future.”

Local Speed consultant Sam Tilley was quoted as saying“187.7? That’s it? If I were them I’d put on a pipe and take out the air filter and that baby would do at least 200.”


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