Motorcycle Meditations:book88
A Vision Quest to Alaska

by Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
218 pages, $19.95
Rising Tide Publishing, copyright 2005

by Sev Pearman

Author Larry Dennis makes his living by helping people create and attain goals in leadership seminars. When asked one day what his own goals were, he blurted out that he wanted to ride his motorcycle to Alaska. Despite having only a few weeks to research, prepare and plan for such an adventure, he publicly committed to this goal. Motorcycle Meditations is the story of this ride and the mental, spiritual and emotional tools that guided the author.

A red flag was immediately raised when we saw “Ducati” misspelled in the forward (pg viii) Be forewarned: Motorcycle Meditations is not an adventure-touring travelogue. It is more of a deeply personal journal account of one man’s dream ride.

Despite owning a Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster and a Honda GL-1100 Gold Wing, Mr. Dennis felt that neither machine was the right tool for the job. No brand snob, he chooses a BMW K1200-LT for his 6,000-mile odyssey.

The author shares events that happen on his ride and relates them to larger questions. We have all arrived at a destination and been disappointed. Maybe the restaurant is full. Maybe the motel didn’t keep your reservation Maybe the road is closed. Like most of you I have sometimes been quick to anger in these situations.

Mr. Dennis turns these moments into opportunities. I’ll find another place to eat. The motel may be full but I can stay in my own cabin. If I hadn’t taken this other road, I never would have seen the moose.

He writes about attitude; how it can not only make or break your ride, but how you get along in the world. The author peppers his text with inspirational quotations from Churchill, Emerson and other leaders.

Motorcycle Meditations isn’t for every reader. It reads like a motivational speaker lecture and is
light on rider-specific content. Riders who can’t stand to be alone in their helmet may not enjoy this book. If you enjoy pondering big questions while riding and/or are willing to explore your own potential, you’ll find this book both inspirational and motivating. MMM awards Motorcycle Meditations two-and-a-half out of four cylinders.

“How far is it to Coldfoot?”—This is not an Alaskan ride guide.

Matt Foley—“I live in a sidecar down by the river.”

High-miler—Enough rider-based introspection to be worthwhile.

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