By Jesse Walters

If you are reading this, you are likely to be more than just a casual motorcyclist. Chances are, you enjoy riding, reading, working on, and talking bikes with your riding friends whenever possible. Unfortunately, 160_CyclePodcastsbusiness trips, daily commutes and time at the gym distract us from focusing on our two-wheel passion. Fortunately in this great digital on-demand age, there are a myriad of motorcycle podcasts that can satisfy your need for motorcycle content.

For those of you still gapping your points, tickling your carbs and kick-starting your parallel twins, an explanation of podcasts might be in order. In short, podcasts are Internet radio shows. Most are recorded weekly, some more often than others. The production quality ranges from homegrown podcasts recorded on laptops to full studio productions. Podcasts can vary greatly in this regard, but enthusiasm for motorcycles is their common denominator. Instead of being broadcasted on your FM dial, they are broadcasted digitally across the Internet. The beauty of podcasts is their on-demand playback. You can download the podcast and play it when you want to; at the gym, in the workshop or on the commute. 

A unique feature of podcasts is anyone can create one. A laptop and Internet access is all that’s needed to create an Internet radio show. But, with such a low cost of entry into podcasting, the Web is littered with abandoned podcasts that are no longer updated, of poor quality or lack consistency. 

The following is an unscientific, non-comprehensive, unordered, somewhat biased and hastily written list of podcasts you might find interesting. This humble author refrained from providing a “ranking” of each podcast since his tastes may vary greatly from the readers. Instead, we here at MMM hope you will take the time to listen to the podcasts and decide for yourself. And, of course, if there are other motorcycle related podcasts worth mentioning, we’d love to hear about it on our MMM Facebook page here:

The Pace Motorcycle Podcast

Description: The Pace Motorcycle Podcast hosted by Chris and James provides an analytical look at motorcycle news and gear. Two enthusiasts that provide a very in depth look at riding jackets, helmets and boots reviews as well as an academic look at new bike models hitting the showroom floor.

Motorcycles and Misfits

Description: A weekly motorcycle podcast from the Recycle Garage in Santa Cruz, California.  This is one of the author’s favorite podcasts. A fantastic podcast dealing with real-world maintenance issues. Commentary is by professional and amateur motorcycle mechanics trying to keep their vintage bikes on the road. They embody the California riding culture and the allure of the Pacific Coast Highway. The technical talk brings you in, and the characters keep you coming back.

Wheel Nerds

Description: A quirky, goofy podcast that provides nuggets of useful information shrouded in 4th grade silliness. As the name implies, the podcasters embrace the nerd culture and entertain the digital moto masses with their weekly banter. 

Cleveland Moto

Description: Another one of the author’s favorite podcast. This podcast is rated R, so keep that in mind if you have little kids around the workshop. The characters and the motorcycle content are very entertaining. The host is a professional motorcycle mechanic based in… you guessed it, Cleveland. Long time listeners gain a glimpse into the Cleveland cycle culture.

Side Stand Up

Description: What a great idea for a podcast! Travel around the USA on your motorcycle and interview other riders doing the same thing. This podcast has great interviews with the cruiser, touring and adventure riding community. My only gripe is the low audio quality of the podcast due to the poor call quality many of the phone interviews have. Unfortunately, no new episodes are being released as of last summer. However, you can still go back and listen to old episodes, most of the podcast content has aged gracefully and still worth a listen.


Description: Another one of this author’s favorite podcasts, focusing on motorcycle road racing. Originally started by Bob Hayes, the podcast has many contributing hosts around the world. Over the past couple years, Jim Race and other hosts from around the globe have gained surprising access to top level MotoGP, WSBK, AMA and BSB road racers for interviews. Their commentary is spot on, and provide a very comprehensive look at motorcycle road racing around the world.

Café Racer Podcast ADV Café

Description: This podcast has two focuses as the name implies. Some of the podcast content revolves around the growing cafe racer scene while other episodes focus more on the adventure motorcycling segment. This author enjoys the variety of material this show covers. 


Description: A slow paced podcast geared primarily towards women.  Many of the discussions focus on women’s riding apparel, fitment and bike choices for the farer sex. Episodes are released routinely.

Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

Description: As the name implies, this podcast combines restaurant destinations and biker interviews. A combination no motorcyclist would argue with. The host’s guests often have unique and sometimes loose affiliations with motorcycles. Past guests includes actors Ed Asner, Kristine DeBell, Danielle Vasinova, Annie Lederman and Sarah Lieving.


Description: The Soupkast podcast is home grown right here in Minnesota. Dean Adams, head honcho over at SuperBikePlanet releases seasonal podcasts for various motorcycle road racing events. The content, interview subjects and production quality are excellent. This author’s only complaint is a lack of episodes. Make more Dean! 

Pit Pass Radio

Description: The author just recently found this podcast and it has quickly become his favorite motorcycle racing podcast. Based out of Des Moines, IA, it covers a broad range of motorcycle road racing, motocross and dirt track topics released each week. If it’s on two wheels and there is a checkered flag involved, they are covering it. It also boasted one of the highest production value podcasts on the internet.

Long Riders Radio

Description: As the name suggests this very new podcast focuses on long distance riding. Recent episodes discuss the Iron Butt association, travel to Alaska and long distance rallies from around the USA. Great interviews and content. 



  1. Another podcast to check out is The DawgHouse (

    A live weekly show that is also podcasted. It has been around for a while and is at nearly 300 shows.

    I am one of the hosts.

    1. Thanks for the link. We’ll have a listen.

      1. Thanks!!! Hope you like it.

  2. Great list Jesse, some quality work on this page. I have started a motorcycle and automotive podcast called Loud Pipes! We are recording episode 8 this week and we’re a couple of enthusiasts that discuss mostly motorcycles, rides, events and such, plus we sometimes talk about cars and others things we are interested in.

    Check us out:


  3. Just saw the reply Warren. I hadn’t heard of that podcast. I’ll take a listen. Thanks!

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