160_miniSkirtDVDThe Mini-Skirt Mob

Direct by Maury Dexter

American International Pictures, 1968

82 minutes, Not Rated

by Tammy Wanchena

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this 1968 cinematic classic is further proof. When rodeo star, Jeff Logan marries a brunette, his blonde ex, Shayne goes out of her way to teach him the error of his ways. And since Shayne is the leader of the bad ass biker gang, the Mini-Skirt Mob, she has reinforcements to assist her in her reign of terror. She uses super creative ways to terrorize him, such as playing “hogs of the road” (using their Honda 305 Scramblers and the like) to run Jeff’s camper trailer off the road. When it results in the death of one of their own, Shayne convinces the gang it was Jeff’s fault their friend died. 

Deep, brilliantly delivered monologues help build the suspense. When Jeff’s new bride, Connie, starts waxing poetic about her experience in a fancy restaurant that was ruined when she spotted the waiter was wearing brown socks with black pants, I nearly shed a tear. This movie even has Harry Dean Stanton! I always said if I became an illicit drug user I would want to buy my drugs from him or Dennis Hopper. I cannot find the words to express how much I loved the climatic ending, but I can promise you may laugh until you cry. I still have nightmares dominated by revving a throttle.   

As with all biker gang “educational” films, there are questions left unanswered. Like why does Shayne wear a drab beige jacket when her lackeys get to wear the cute pink ones? Why didn’t Aqua Net use this film to promote their hair spray’s safety feature, i.e. being able to handle low speed crashes without a helmet? And the many questions you will have after seeing the ending. Countless and endless…  

Disregard their good looks. They’re just a bunch of dirty crooks. With skirts showing plenty of knee; that’s the mini skirt mob on another spree. I wish someone would make a sequel!


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