By Bruce Mike
Last weekend I attended an event in Kellogg Minnesota called Two Wheel Disorder. The organizers sent us a request to put it on the MMM calendar. After checking it out I discovered it was something right up my alley. I quickly texted the info to a small group of like-minded folks and we all agreed attendance was a must.

What hooked us was the mini bike races. There is a small group of us, including my brother and a couple of nephews, who have acquired a strong affinity for mini bikes and small displacement motorcycles. It all started with Vintage Torque Fest in Dubuque Iowa, that we’ve been attending for the past five years. We get to ride our little bikes on the county fairground track and we have a blast doing it. Little bikes are also a great way to get around the fairgrounds.

In the beginning we were riding pull start mini bikes and a Honda Trail 70. Over the years we’ve come to the conclusion that suspension makes all the difference. Some of us older fellas got a little sore riding the rigid frame pull starts.

I’ve had my Trail 70 for about 20 years. I got it as partial payment for a used car. In the past few years it has become a Trail 110 with adult suspension that will go over 50 mph. Don’t fret all you purists, I still have all the stock parts. When it was stock it was kind of fun, now it’s really fun. I can’t help it, I’m a rider not a restorer. I also have a stock Suzuki RV 90 that is really comfortable and just plain nice to ride. My friend Rick, who is also part of our little bike obsessed group, has an RV 90 too. We had a ball cruising through Duluth, parade style, at the Bring Out Yer Dead rally.

This was the first year for Two Wheel Disorder and it exceeded all our expectations. The turnout was fairly small but the venue was great. It was put on by Dice Brothers at Midway Motocross Park. They set up a small oval for us to race on with an announcer and everything. The mini bike class we raced in was made up of six of us who went down there together. We were excited because that meant half of us were getting to the podium. The bikes being ridden were — two RV 90s, a Yamaha Big Wheel 80, a Chinese pit bike, a hot rodded Trail 70 and a hot rodded pull start mini bike. We rode two heats of ten laps each. The Big Wheel took first, The Chinese thing took second and the pull start finished a strong third. The rest of us finished without incident. After crashing a ridiculously fast pull start mini bike in the parking lot earlier, I was glad to get through the racing without further injury.

These kind of events are far and away my favorites. The money always goes to charity and the people who put them on, as well as the people who attend them, seem to be the nicest people you will ever meet. There is an old school vibe to these things that harken back to simpler times which is probably why I like them so much. Everybody just wants to have fun.

This was Two Wheel Disorder’s first year but the organizers are planning on doing it again next year. We hope so and we’ll do everything we can to get the word out. Any opportunity I can get to run around a track on a goofy little motorcycle, I’m taking it.

Next up, Iron Invasion, October 7th, McHenry County Fairgrounds in Woodstock Illinois.


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