by Dan Hartman

It was the middle of October and cold outside, but the ride was still on. The plan was to go down river to see the leaves and to enjoy the beautiful fall. The group from Sturgis would be together again. This time it was only for a short ride, but it was still a ride. We were to go to LaCrosse, WI, stay overnight and head back home again.

Brenda rode with me on the back of my bike, as she did coming back from Sturgis in August. She loves to ride. I am sure it is a way for her to get away from her every day problems. We’re all that way. For a few days you can be free from problems and responsibilities. All you have to deal with is the open road.

We met on a Saturday morning at the Champlin Service Station, as we do for every ride. The route headed east to Stillwater then down river on the Wisconsin bank. The sun was out, and it started to warm up as the day went on. Many motorcyclists had the same idea that Saturday. We stopped for lunch in Prescott and ended up in LaCrosse by dinner time.

Sunday came, and the sun was replaced by rain. We left in the morning to return on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi. We stopped at Lake Pepin and watched the Eagles. They nest in the area, and it was breathtaking to watch them soar in the sky overhead hunting for food in the lake.

We headed north from lake Pepin and were quickly back home again. I said good-bye to my friends until next summer. The bike now sits covered in the garage; its battery is on a charger in the basement. Winter.

Winter. It’s the holiday season, and here’s the winter issue of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. M.M.M. will be back in March to celebrate the beginning of the riding season and “Bike Week” in Daytona. We are also working on a web site, motorbyte.com. You computer junkies will be able to read back issues of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, find links to other cycle sites, check out the free on-line classified ads, and much more (as we develop the site). Look us up! Then let us know what you think at our new e-mail address, troy@twistedpair.net. Remember, we like to hear from you about the newspaper and motorcycling.

According to this month’s cover, it looks like Santa has traded in his sleigh. We think he’ll be able to do his route faster on two wheels…and have more fun. M.M.M. hopes you all have a great holiday season, and we hope you do all your holiday shopping with our advertisers. They keep Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly going. 1998 will be a great year for riding. Until then, ride safe and be free.


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