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by Crash Casey

The Baker brothers are little friends of mine. I’ve watched them grow from birth. Charley is seven, and Sam is five. Their little brother, Jack, is almost two. When I decided to do this interview, I thought it would be interesting to get a kid’s point of view on this passion of ours. When I looked at their answers I realized that in all of us still lives that joy and excitement they have. If I asked a full grown motorcyclist the same questions, the answers wouldn’t vary that much. Why do we do it? Ask Sam and Charley.

M.M.M.: What kind of bike do you have?

Sam: A mini bike! A red one!reader23areader23b

M.M.M.: Do you guys share it?

Both: Yeah.

M.M.M.: Are you good at sharing?

Charley: No, we both want to go at the same time.

M.M.M.: Sam, what kind of bike do you want when you grow up?

Sam: A Harley-Davidson!

M.M.M.: And you Charley?

Charley: A Honda. (He’s briefly chastised by Dad.)

M.M.M.: Do you have a name for your bike?

Sam: Red Lightning!

M.M.M.: Have either one of you had an accident? How about you Sam?

Sam: Yeah, I fell off.

Charley: No.

M.M.M.: Where do you guys go for your favorite ride?

Charley: We ride around the Cul-de-sac and show off to our friends.

M.M.M.: Were you scared the first time you rode?

Charley: I was kind of scared ’cause I had never ridden a motorcycle before.

Sam: No.

M.M.M.: Do you ever pretend you’re a famous racer or anything?

Sam: I talk to myself and pretend people are cheering.

M.M.M.: Sam, can you do any tricks or anything?

Sam: I stick my legs out.

M.M.M.: Charley?

Charley: No hands, doing from side to side and punching it.

M.M.M.: Charley, what kind of tricks would you like to do?

Charley: I would kind of…jumps.

M.M.M.: What about you Sam?

Sam: Yeah. Go off jumps, too.

M.M.M.: Charley, what do you like best about riding?

Charley: I’m free like a bird!

M.M.M.: Sam, what about you?

Sam: You can go fast like a cougar!

M.M.M.: What does your mother think about your riding? Does she like it?

Sam: It scares her a little bit though.

Charley: Well, I think she’s scared I’ll fall down.

M.M.M.: Does little Jack try to get in on the action? What do you do about that?

Charley: He holds on to the handle bars when he rides with Dad.

M.M.M.: Do you guys know what a Niffer is?

Together: No.

M.M.M.: A Niffer is a guy who farts in the bathtub and spears the bubble with his nose. Now, are either one of you Niffers?

Together: (much laughter and punching of shoulders) Yeah!


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