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by Gus Breiland

World Round USA Observed Trials Motorcycle Raffle
Fancy yourself as a world class trials rider without a ride? Think you could beat Takahisa Fujinami with one leg tied behind your back…if you only had a bike! Well here is one heck of a chance to get a Gas Gas of your very own. Gas Gas USA has graciously donated a trials bike to help in wiping out the $25,000 deficit currently on the books for 2002’s World Championship Trials held this past June. Only 250 tickets will be sold at $100 each for the chance to win. Those are great odds and one heck of a price for a new bike if you win.

Make your check out to “World Trials Championship” and send it along with a self-addressed stamped SASE envelope to Tim Hunt, 915 Central Ave. Fairbault, MN 55021. When your check is received, Mr. Hunt will mail you back a raffle ticket with a unique number. The drawing will be held after all 250 tickets are sold, keep your eyes on for more information. Do your part and you just might find a new toy under your tree this year.

Iron Range OHV Recreation Area Opens
This fall, the Minnesota DNR opened the Iron Range OHV Recreation Area in Gilbert MN. Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use is among Minnesota’s fastest growing outdoor recreational activities. Over 250,000 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, and 4×4 jeeps and trucks are currently being used off-road in Minnesota. The development of an OHV recreation area is one effort to meet the growing demand for OHV opportunities in a way that minimizes environmental damage to public lands.

This facility features recreational trails, scramble areas, training and special events facilities for use by off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and 4×4 jeeps and trucks. This user-funded facility will be operated by the DNR’s Trails and Waterways Unit as a designated State Recreation Area. The state Legislature has also directed the DNR to identify additional areas suitable for off-highway vehicle use and to link these to the Gilbert site creating a statewide system of off-highway trails and riding areas.

The Iron Range OHVRA will be operated seven days per week from May 1st to October 31st from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, or until one hour before sunset – whichever is earlier. Winter operations, from November 1st to April 30th, will be limited to Friday through Sunday, from 8:00 am daily until one hour before sunset. Snowmobiles may be permitted access to the OHVRA (in winter) for Special Events only, subject to the approval of the OHVRA Advisory Committee and the Gilbert City Council.

Vehicle checks will be conducted at the main gate. There will be no fee for general admission or for parking, except during sanctioned Special Events. All active use areas will be fenced and barriers erected to prevent unlawful entry into the OHVRA or visitor trespass onto neighboring properties. This park will be staffed full-time and rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

FFI Contact: Iron Range OHV Recreation Area, 7196 Pettit Road, P.O. Box 837, Gilbert, MN 55741, Phone: 218/748-2207 or 218/748-2208 (fax). The DNR’s Toll Free number is 1-888-MINNDNR. TTY/TDD: 651/296-5484 or Toll Free TTY: 1-800-6573929.

Triumph Recall on Single-Sided Swing Arm Daytonas
Triumph launched a recall program on August 29th 2002 for the following models, Daytona Centennial, Speed Triple and Sprint ST. Affected VIN’s (frame numbers) are 132693 to 161257. Mike Vaughan of Triumph Motorcycles America states “Our in-house monitoring program has identified that on some of the above models, the rear wheel needle roller bearings may seize resulting in an inability to control the stability of the motorcycle. For safety reasons, please make an appointment to have your machine checked with an approved Triumph dealer without delay”. This recall affects only models with single side swing arms and is filed under NHTSA Recall No. 02V242 and Triumph Recall No. 313.

Roy’s Open House Called Due to Inclement Participants
This year’s open house for Roy’s Repair had been canceled and moved to a rain date of Oct. 20th. However, when a crowd assembled the weekend before, they proceeded to hold an event of their own which in turn rubbed the local police precinct, city hall and the entire neighborhood the wrong way. Apparently a few folks decided that calendars are for chumps and didn’t let the issue that no one from Roy’s was on site hinder their attempt at a good time. Remember folks, you are only as good as the company you keep.

I-Cycle Derby and Other Winter Riding Activities
Some say that winter is the death of riding in the Midwest but if you check your calendar you will find many 2 wheeled entertainment’s heading your way. For instance, if you want to find out what the AMA does and stands for, they are holding their Eagles Class on the 14th of December. Check out the article in this section for more details.

This year the 55th Annual I-Cycle Derby will be held on the 1st of January, 2003. This is a great experience and the fine folks with Travelers Motorcycle Club always put on a quality event. Come on down to Chief’s Towing in Bloomington and register, starting at 9am, for your first ride of the year. The I-cycle is a timed run around southern Minneapolis and it’s adjoining suburbs. There are 2 legs to this event with the first rider out at 10:30 am. When you come back from your morning run, the Travelers have a hot lunch waiting for you as you prepare for the second run at 1:15pm. Afterwards, around 2:30, the awards ceremony takes place and after you win a trophy you can head on home knowing that the riding season has begun.

Chief’s Towing is located at 8610 Harriet Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420. Travelers Motorcycle Club contact is Gene Erickson–Club President and can be reached at 952 447 4318 or

Can’t wait to see you out there.
This years Motorcycle Show will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on January 24-26 with admission of $10 for adults and $4 for children 6-11 years old. Show hours are Friday the 24th, 4pm-9pm; Sat the 25th, 10am-9pm; and Sun the 26th, 10am-5pm.

See or call 800.331.5706 for further details. You may just find the bike of your dreams…

Also, for those who like their cycle shows to have a more international flavor might we suggest the 27th Annual North American International Motorcycle SuperShow in Toronto, Ontario January 3rd-5th. Over 500 exhibitors and special appearances by such notables as the Joe Rocket Racing Team and road chef Biker Billy. Toronto is only a day’s drive and Canadians are so friendly. Take advantage of the good exchange rate for post holiday shopping. Call 905.655.5403 for more info or visit

Remember to check out MMM’s calendar of events too!

AMA Eagles Class
On December 14th, 2002 you can take part in the AMA’s EAGLES Leadership Academy. This seminar covers AMA history, structure, finances, activities, communication and government relations for 50 participants. EAGLES is the AMA acronym for Education, Activism, Growth, Leadership, Expertise and Skills and is designed to inform you about the role of the AMA while giving you the opportunity to share ideas with other dedicated AMA members. Free to AMA members. Registration and questions can be directed to Sharon Titus at (614) 856-1900 ext 1252 or at Registration is limited, so sign up soon!



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