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With the gray days of winter bearing down on us in the next few months, I have decided to add a little technology to my motorcycle to help my fellow man notice my existence. This feat is no greater than when you first thought girls were more than just cootie transferring beasts and you did anything to get their attention…and still do anything to get their attention.

We already know that caged motorists have little time to concentrate on what is in front of them or behind them due the constant stress of driving, while eating, while drinking their morning latte without spilling on themselves. Far be it from me to ask that they pay attention to the road, as I would be infringing on some god given right to be a dumb-ass.gear54

Kisan Technologies Inc. provides some devices that assist in visual stimulation and make almost everyone lift their head from their favorite book during morning traffic to acknowledge your presence. Kisan’s head light and tail light modulator are designed for simple installation and “notice me” performance.

The head light modulator in most applications is a piggyback unit that attaches directly to the head light bulb. This causes your headlight to pulse slightly creating a visual stimulus to, in my own experience, surrounding traffic and they will take notice of you, rather than discount your head light as simple sun glare. Plus, with more and more cages equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), motorcycles are no longer clearly visible in rearview mirrors and in surrounding traffic. Anecdotally, I have driven in front of bikes with this system installed and I noticed them immediately in traffic versus other bikes without Kisan.

The tail light is a little different. As you slow down the light automatically starts to pulse rapidly and decreases until it stays illuminated. Elapsed time is roughly 5 seconds and coolest part of this whole set up is that the circuitry is part of the bulb. No wiring, no splicing, just twist out the old bulb and twist in the new. Now, as you are coming a to stop, you have a flashing warning light notify the guy behind you to take notice and watch what is happening. As Kisan’s brochure states “Back off, I’m slowing down”.

Both units are extremely easy to install. If assistance is needed, their instructions are clear and simple.

According to Kisan’s web site most of their head light modulators are $99.95 and the tail light modulators are between 59.95 and 89.95, depending on your application. For toll free orders you can call 800 GO4 KISAN or 800 646 5472.



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