hip63[1]By Victor Wanchena

There are great riders among us. Not simply a good friend or riding buddy, nor the fastest rider through your favorite set of twisties. Instead someone who embodies all the best traits of motorcycling. Always available to help you with that tough repair job or willing to drive three states to pick up a stranded friend. You’ll often find a riding buddy or even just casual acquaintances from distant locales taking advantage of their guestroom or couch. These folks are a wealth of knowledge on all things motorcycling. These are the people that work tirelessly for motorcycling causes. The first at an event helping set-up and the last to leave making sure that everything is better than they found it. Always trying to put motorcycling’s best foot forward; their work most often goes unrecognized. When someone calls attention to their labors, the praise is humbly accepted as just doing their part. These unsung heroes are truly the backbone of motorcycling.

These people deserve our respect and admiration. They are often the reason we got into motorcycling. I, for one, was blessed to have stumbled into motorcycling around a group of wise old high-milers that understood more about riding than I had yet to comprehend. With help I survived my first wobbly trips around the block with my learners permit neatly tucked in my shirt pocket. They were gathered around to admire my first new motorcycle. They taught me that helmets aren’t for sissies and loud pipes irritate more neighbors than save lives. They were there to shake my hand after my first 1000-mile day. They can never be repaid for all the help they’ve given me over the years.

If you have been fortunate enough to have a rider of that caliber around you I would highly suggest you do some small thing to show your appreciation for all they have done for you and for motorcycling as a whole. One of the highest honors that comes to mind would be to nominate them for the AMA’s Road Rider of the Year Award. This annual award is given each year to a rider that personifies all these attributes and I feel that to even be nominated for such an award is a great honor. The award is typically recognizes long term contributions as opposed to a single event or act.

Those wishing to nominate someone for the AMA’s Road Rider of the Year should send a letter or email to Eddie James, the AMA’s Director of Road Riding.

Eddie James
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147

As a closing thought, MMM has moved its office to a new palatial suburban headquarters. Please make a note of our new phone numbers, address and e-mail address in all communication with us. Thank you all for a great year and see you on the road in the New Year.

Ride fast, take chances.



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