By Gus Breiland

As I continue my riding career, I continue my never-ending gear search. So far I feel that I have made some wise decisions and of course some very poor decisions (why I ever let that guy talk me into neon for my ’71 CL350 I will never know).gear63[1]

One of my best decisions so far has been the Red Wing 8674 Hiker. I have ridden in “riding” boots, hiking boots, tennis shoes but not flip-flops! Hiking boots have always been my favorite. I do not like most motorcycle-riding boots, usually due to the fact that most boots are over the calf not to mention uncomfortable at my final destination. This usually means I have to pack another set of shoes or live with it.

My other hiking boots have served me well but I was tired of my feet getting wet. Typically I buy boots that are meshed so they breathe which works for a warm day that is dry. But I have yet to go for a long ride where Mother Nature has not decided that I need a bath. The mesh leaks (of course) which turns my feet into the loch boot monsters.

Not my Red Wings though. They have a waterproof construction with moisture wicking lining that includes an anti-microbial agent. The sole is abrasion, slip and oil resistant and just in case I am in a lightening storm they are rated for electrical hazards.

I christened the USS Red Wings when I picked up the Victory Vegas on one of the worst damn nights of weather in the summer of 2003. Tornadoes in the south, hail in the north and rain rain rain in the middle. As I was cruising down the road, feeling my crotch fill with water due to that wonderful seating position cruisers force you into I was moving my toes around waiting for immanent wetness. It never came! Waves of water rolled over my feet and my tootsies stayed nice and dry. I can now ride through Iowa without the fear of drowning my feet.

If you are looking for a wonderful pair of boots for romping around the countryside in, please consider Red Wing 8674 Hikers. They repel water wonderfully and are very comfortable. At my final destination you will find me walking around giggling to myself as I watch all the guys in “riding” boots waddle around in pain. This is especially helpful when you ride in a big group to an all you can eat BBQ. If you are first in line, you have a better chance at being first for seconds too!

Red Wing boots can be found at many Shoe/Boot retailers and I got mine at Nokomis Shoe Shop in south Minneapolis. They are located at 4950 34th Ave S, Minneapolis MN. 612-724-1406. Give Nokomis a try, they are helpful, they do shoe and boot repair and they are one of the many Mom and Pops that treat you as a customer should be treated. Did I mention they have boot repair!



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